Jason Chong

Hugely  talented  Jason  Chong  is  taking  the  Australian comedy  stage  by  storm  owing  to  his  unusual  cleverness  and razor-sharp  wit.  Jason  Chong’s  brand  of  comedy  is  centered  around  his  interest  in  technology.  As  technology  is shaping  our  lives  these  days,  he  comes  through  as  extremely  relatable  and  engaging.  His  specific  blend  of observation comedy  also makes  him  stand out  from  other comedians.  An  original  and  a  natural,  Jason  Chong  is  a delightful comedian and MC.

He  stepped  on  the  stage  for  the  first  time  in  2001 and  was  declared  ‘Comic  of  the  Year’  in  the  2009  Adelaide Fringe.  He  has  continued  his  upward  streak,  appearing  on  a  large  number  of  super-hit  live  shows  and  radio programs. Through these years, he has added new items to his act and acquired the knack of emceeing. As a result, he is in high demand for all sorts of events—corporate, private, public, and sports. His young and energetic looks, his  devious  smile,  and  his  immaculate  sense  of  dressing  make  him  the  perfect  comedian  to  have  for  an  upscale audience. However, his heart belongs in the street and he’s a standup comedian in every sense of the word.


Jason  Chong  electrifies  the  stage  with  his  bubbling  energy  and  rapid-fire,  relentless  delivery  of  hilarious  punch lines.  Smart,  casual  and  confident,  he  always  has  this maliciously  sweet  smile  on  his  face when  he’s  on  stage.  His acid tongue rolls at the speed of light, making the audience roll in laughter and gags. He’s one of those rare young comedian  who  have  an  exceptionally  good  taste  and  depict  even  cringe-worthy  situations  in  a  good-natured, hilarious  way.  He  seldom goes  overboard  and is  always likeable.  His  audience can’t  seem  to  have  enough  of  him and just want him to go on and on.

His blend of sidesplitting humor contains observation and characterization as its major elements. He narrates the inconsistencies  in  everyday  life  and  impersonates  common  stereotypes  and  famous  personalities  with  a  natural ease and fluency that’s the envy of any standup comedian. He is hugely entertaining and leaves his audience with tearful  eyes  and  aching  bellies  by  the  time  he’s  through. He’s  also  a  thoroughly  amusing  MC  and  headliner  and  is always  busy  hosting  an  event  at  a  hotel,  club  or  elsewhere.  Contact  us  to  learn  about  Jason  Chong’s  upcoming performances and to book this amazing artist for your show.


Jason  Chong  has  a  long  list  of  impressive  performances  on  his  CV.  He  is  the  organizer  behind  spectacular  long running shows like ‘Going Ape At The Zoo’ and ‘Why The Bloody Hell Aren’t Ya?’, in which he also performed. His shows  at  Adelaide  and  Sydney comedy  festivals  boast  packed  halls.  He has  been performing  on radio  since  2005 and has presented top rated shows such as NOVA 919’s Nights and SAFM’s Breakfast. Jason Chong also has some memorable TV appearances to his credit. He has become a widely familiar face because of  his  work  in  ‘The  Footy  Show’,  Channel  9’s  ‘Today’,  Ten’s  ‘The  7pm  Project’,  SBS’s  ‘The  Squiz’,  and Comedy Channel’s ‘The Mansion’.