Jason Starrett

Jason  Starrett  has  remained  in  comedy  headlines  ever  since  he  started  performing  standup  in  1998.  He  is  a Newcastle based comedians who has made a big impression on the national comedy scene because of the sheer diversity  that  he  brings  to  his  act.  He  proved  his talent  just  two  years  after  kickoff  by  winning  the Green  Faces National  Comedy  Competition  in  2000.  He  roams  the  Oz  land  spreading  laughter  wherever  he  goes,  attracting crowds  during  festivals  and  amusing  guests  during  private  events.  Jason  Starret  is  suitable  for  all  kinds  of  gigs, because he tailors his humor to fit the kind of event he’s going to. A confirmed ticket to uproarious laughter and packed venues, he’s available for your event if you book him in time.

Jason  is  a  keen observer  of  life and  can  pick  up laughable stuff  with  his magnetic  intelligence.  He  isn’t  afraid  to improvise  and  experiment  or  prod  into  sensitive  topics,  but  he’s  never  out  of  line  as  far  as  tastefulness  and likeability  are  concerned.    He’s  also  an  accomplished  writer  and  writes  regularly  for  TV  and  radio,  apart  from writing  for  his  own  gigs.  He  has  a  long  list  of  corporate  clients  of  all  types  and  is  a  sought  after  artist  for conferences, annual meeting, fundraisers, and other comedy events.


Jason Starrett is many comics put together under one skin. One minute he’s holding you captive with his absorbing narrative of hilarious everyday situations. And the next minute he’s an adorable clown mimicking stereotypes and celebrities.  He  combines  slapstick,  characterization,  and  observation  in  just  the  right  proportions  to  create  the perfect  recipe  for  window  shattering  gags.  He  may  not  be  as  famous  or  accomplished  as  the  big  names  of  the national comedy circuit, but that doesn’t make him any less hilarious.

Jason  has  evolved  as  a  comic  throughout  his career and  has  added more  flexibility  and  depth  to his  act.  He  has performed to a diverse audience and honed his skills in different comedic genres. He’s also a teacher of comedy and loves to train youngsters in the craft that he has mastered. He regularly holds standup workshops and helps budding comedians by arranging showcase performances. He brings tons of value to your show and should not be missed at any cost.


Jason thinks his best performances include his standup at The Punchline in San Francisco; his weekly shows at the Wog Rock Café and the University of New Castle, and a gig when he was called to the stage while he was still in toilet.  To  the  world,  he’s  known  for  winning  the  Newcastle  Chucklefest,  RAW  Comedy  Award,  and  the  New FM Laugh Party competition. He also made the grand final of the Green Faces Comedy Competition and the finals of ‘Comedy God’, a program by 2DayFM. He’s been a runaway success on radio, hosting and appearing on numerous top  rated  shows.  He’s  a  prolific writer  and  writes for  some  fellow comedians  too.  A  legend  in  the making,  Jason Starrett is a positive influence on the Aussie comic scene and a must see performer.