Jeff Green

Straight out of the bustling UK comedy circle, Jeff Green has taken the Aussie stage by storm since the day he landed in Melbourne in 1996. His standup performances during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival turned  him  into  an  instant  TV  sensation,  prompting him  to  adopt  Australian  residency.  He  has  brought  an international flavor to the national TV and stage and has been even more successful than in Britain, where he was called “the funniest standup” by The Sun. Extremely funny, hugely popular, and internationally famous, he has an Australian wife and is not going away anytime soon.

Like many other comics from his generation, Jeff Green also rose to fame courtesy the idiot box. His first standup show was aired on the ITV network in 1996. It was his signature show titled Jeff Green Live, and was recorded despite the word ‘Live’ in its name. Since then, he has been at the centre of so many TV shows that even he has lost count. He’s an insightful writer and has written the bestselling “A-Z” series of titles that have been translated into several languages. Many famous standup artists depend on Jeff Green for their scripts, including Jo Brand, Lee Evans and Jack Dee. Contact us to get in touch with Jeff Green and see if he’s available to do whatever you need him for.


Don’t let his goofy look and disheveled hairdo fool you. He’s smart as whip and sharp as a razor blade. He’s more comfortable on stage than he is in his living room. At least it appears so. He has some heavy artillery to throw at you with his rock solid selection of family humor. Children, marital life, and relationships are his favorite topics. He’s never cold or tense for a split second, always in control and funny as hell. Jeff Green will have you in stitches no matter what mood you’re in.

Green routinely coerces his audience into applause through his admirable wit that seems to be getting sharper with each performance. He comes out as strangely familiar, like a friend or an uncle, to the extent that sometimes people in the crowd start replying to his jokes. If you’re looking for a show with non-stop laughs and gags, Jeff Green is the comic to hire. He’ll keep your audience laughing for a long time even after the show is over.


Jeff has been on TV for as long as most of us can remember. He kicked off with Jeff Green Live and continued his streak of top-rated TV shows through Jeff Green Up West and Back From The Bewilderness. He’s a BBC TV stalwart with memorable performances in hugely popular shows such as Hot Potatoes, Never Mind The Buzzcocks and Have I Got News For You. He has also been featured consistently on BBC Radio.

Apart  from  being  a  comedian,  Jeff  is  also  an  accomplished  writer  and  has  written  three  famous  books  onrelationships and life. His The A-Z of Living Together remained on the Sunday Times top ten bestsellers list for five consecutive weeks.