Jen Wong

Jennifer Wong is newer to the Australian comedy scene than most other comedians on our site, but that doesn’t make her any less hilarious. During her brief comedy career that kicked off in 2011, she has won international and countrywide acclaim as a standup artist. Like other comedians, Jen Wong is also the product of the Oz street stage and comedy festivals. She was among the top five comics selected to perform at the 2011 Melbourne International Comedy Festival and one of the five artists behind the outrageously successful The Serpent’s Table, which was staged during the 2014 Sydney Comedy Festival.

Jen is also a TV personality and a writer. Hailing from China as her ancestral country, she brings afresh, new flavor of eastern comedy to the Aussie stage. Hugely popular among audiences from all ethnicities, she’s audacious, unabashed and cheeky. Some of her shows are rated 16+, which should give you an idea about her specific brand of comedy. She is one of the new breed of comics who have been critically acclaimed by reputable publications such as Daily Telegraph and The Age. Contact us now to check Jen Wong’s availability for your event.


Jennifer Wong has some unique and unusual jokes up her sleeves and unleashes them at his audience to hilarious effects. Food is one of her favorite topics and she drags Chinese food into most of her performances. You can expect her to take potshots at the audience or even going to them with a plate of noodles or dumplings. She has been a bookseller earlier in life, so a part of her act involves books and bookish people. She can be embarrassing because of her insult and cringe comedy styles that she mixes with her incisive observation, but she is unashamed about it, and that’s what turns her into a laughter machine. While being audacious, she’s also elegant enough not to cause any offense and keep everything on the side of good taste.

Jen Wong is not the comedian you want to hire for your child’s birthday party or an upscale corporate gig. But in between the two, she can make almost any event successful. She is a sharp storyteller and quick witted standup artist  who  has  her listener in  stitches  each  time  she  gets  on  stage.  Her  shows  are  guaranteed  sellouts  and extremely funny.


Wong was on the Sydney Morning Herald’s list of top 10 comics to watch in 2011, and she’s still the one to watch many years later. A regular at the Sydney Comedy Store, she is also the perfect choice for late night library shows. She has performed at countless corporate events, fundraisers, weddings and private comedy events, delivering uproarious laughter wherever she goes.

Jennifer is a talented writer and has written for the famous TV show Good News Week. She wrote and performed her solo show ‘Ouch And Other Words’ in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival,  Perth International Comedy Festival, and Sydney Comedy Festival.