Jeremy Keast

Jeremy Keast is a delightful musician and a formidable comedian, thanks to his extreme cheekiness and audacity. He’s the kind of comic who coerces people into earth shaking gags because of his sheer unpredictability. He would amuse you with his hilarious songs that he sings on guitar and entertain you with his funny observational humor before taking you down with sidesplitting perversity. He goes off like a machinegun the moment he steps on stage, shooting punch line after punch line of likeable stupidity. He can be embarrassing, insulting, and shameless, but he has his audience in stitches throughout his performance. A show stealer and crowd puller, Jeremy Keast is just the sort of artist you need for a risqué, raunchy standup night.

Jeremy has been lighting up the Australian comedy scene since 2004. He is a heartthrob during comedy festivals, where he unleashes his uncontrollable lunacy to have the crowds explode in gags. No wonder he always packs full halls, be it the Sydney Comedy Festival, the MICF, or any other street stage. He is the authentic fruit of the Aussie street and began performing live by busking at the Central Station, soon realizing that he belonged elsewhere. His songs about his ‘Mighty Balls’ and his love for cows won him much better applause at standup bars and clubs, where he continues to perform his ridiculous acts.


Don’t invite this devious character to your mother-in-law’s birthday bash if you don’t want to get your bones broken. He’s not the perfect comedian to have around when you’re trying to persuade senior delegates during a corporate comedy event. But if you have a hall crammed with tipsy pedestrians looking for a hearty laugh, Jeremy Keast can be ballistic. He just doesn’t know how to put brakes on his runaway mouth when he gets on stage. People go to comedy nights because they want to laugh, and uproarious laughter is what Jeremy delivers every time.

His comedy style can be termed observational, with deep colors of slapstick, blue, cringe, and character comedy. Overall, Jeremy Keast is a well-rounded comedian who offers good value for your money. Although his humor can be brazen, it’s never boring. Contact us to find out more about Jeremy’s upcoming events and if he’ll be suitable and available for your comedy event.


Jeremy Keast has been all over the national comedy scene with his back-to-back hilarious performances in comedy festivals and clubs. He has been to New York City, standing up beside top international comedians and holding his own. He was selected to open the Mildura Country Music Week with his hilarious solo song “Amputee Girlfriend”.  He played a central role in ABC2’s hit comedy series I Rock. It was the role of Luke Miller, the drummer, a role that is still etched in the memory of the viewers.

He has a coarse and uncouth charm and is a casual dresser, but can wear a suite and look good in it when the event demands sophistication.