Jim Rochford

Jim Rochford is the incredibly funny ‘tongue-in-cheek’ comedian who never lets you guess what’s coming. A cool customer, he take a serious start as if he’s going to present his answer to the world’s most pressing problems. Before  you  can  notice,  his  serious  discussion  has  transformed  into  hilarious  comedy  and  has  you  in  fits  and stitches. His extraordinary wit and signature style have won him the revered Logie Award. Methodical, articulate, and unbelievably funny, Rochford is one of the most respected young comedians in Sydney and across Australia.

Get ready for a packed room reverberating with gags when you invite Jim Rochford to your event. He has been performing at Sydney clubs including the Happy Endings for the past nine years. He’s the winner of several comedy competitions including 2Day FM’s Comedy God Competition. A talented and confident performer, he’s just the perfect MC and sidekick for any comedy event—corporate comedy, fundraisers, sports, and comedy clubs. Jim is still growing as a comedian and has the potential to become one of the top comedians in Australia. Book him for your show while he’s still available and affordable. Contact us now to check his rates and schedule.


Jim Rochford is a smooth operator when it comes to capturing the crowd’s attention and making people laugh. He’s a master of scathing yet tasteful satire and can make a morbidly serious topic into a laughing matter. He takes a cool and calculated start when he gets on stage, never allowing his audience the luxury of second-guessing his punch lines. He is never predictable and always astonishes people with his razor-edged wit and extraordinary knack of humor. He is decent, presentable, well-dressed, and hence is the perfect choice for corporate comedy.

Jim is bold and audacious when he has to be and doesn’t refrain from touching taboo subjects when he thinks they can lead to laughs and gags. He is one of the most creative young artists on the Australian comedy circuit and extracts rib-tickling humor from modern everyday life. His audience seems to adore him because of his charming looks and mischievous smile. He’s friendly, warm, outgoing, and never lets boredom enter the room in which he’s standing up. Despite being in tears and stitches, his audiences just don’t want him to stop and keep asking for more and more.


Jim Rochford won the grand prize of $50000 for his performance in Australian Comedy God Competition, a 2Day FM production. That catapulted his career and boosted his demand in standup circles. He went on to make the finals of the Crunchy Nut Comedy Competition by Nova 969. Another feather was added to his clown-hat when he became the co-producer of the outrageously popular award winning The Footy Show on Channel 9. He’s a regular at several standup clubs in Sydney, where he emcees and performs beside other rising comics.

Massively entertaining and knock-your-socks-off funny, Jim Rochford is ready to rock your show for an affordable price. Contact us now to get in touch with him.