Jimbo originally worked as a clown at kid’s parties in Sydney through the ’90s. It was not until 2004 that he decided to become a stand-up comedian. Since then his work has led him to perform at over 435 venues in Australia alone with over 4500 gigs throughout the world. Jimbo has performed at birthday parties, fundraisers, pubs and theatres all over the world. An extensive streak of performances to a diversity of crowds has instilled versatility in his act as a stand-up comedian. Jimbo is unapologetically honest and extremely witty, qualities that have helped him to build his career from scratch.

Jimbo  can  rarely  be  seen  performing  alone.  His  best  friend  and  loyal  companion,  Gary  the  Goat  is  always accompanying him. That’s right! This comedy legend takes something as indifferent as a goat and uses it to lodge jaw-aching laughter in his spectators. Gary the Goat became an instant hit and has a fan following of its own throughout the world. This unique way of executing comedy shows, not used by many comedians, has proven to be quite fruitful for Jimbo. In the brief time that Jimbo and Gary have been together, the duo has proved itself to be just what the comedy scene in Australia needs.


Jimbo is eccentric, that’s why he’s famous. His comedy is G-rated. This means that it is appropriate for audiences of all ages and cultures; which makes Jimbo flexible for hosting a variety of events. He is highly interactive while dealing  with  his  audience.  So  much  so  that  each  deadly  pun  or  hilarious  one-liner  that  escapes  his  mouth  is followed barked laughter by Jimbo himself. His extensive experience as a performer has bestowed him with the ability to read a crowd of any age, culture and sobriety and alter his act accordingly. Jimbo is frequently found mocking Gary for the lack of love in its life.

Jimbo is absolutely brilliant at improvisation. He climbs the stage with a vague idea of what he wants to say and few pre-prepared one-liners; the rest is pure creativity. This makes his shows purely original with an on-going flow of new ideas. His work as a clown has enabled him to use interactive circus tricks in his shows to make them livelier.


Jimbo was the most sought after kid’s party clown in Sydney in the 1990s. He was selected for the Ringling Bros & Barnum and Bailey Clown College in America out of 3000 applicants amongst whom only 30 get a shot to tour America  with the  circus  after  intense  training.  Jimbo can be  seen  performing  at  all  major  events  and  comedy festivals in Australia and internationally. He has toured the Solomon Islands and East Timor to entertain Australian troops away from home. Gary and Jimbo’s facebook page has received over 1.4 million likes.

This duo frequently tours to different areas in search of new adventures. Contact us now to get further details about Jimbo and Gary, and to coordinate regarding their availability.