Joel Ozborn

If  you  want  tongue-cheek-humor,  Joel  Ozborn  fits  the  bill  with  his  hilarious  deliveries  off  a totally deadpan face, Ozborn adds true flavor to his acts. His repertoire seems endless, including all imaginable situations from everyday life. Joel Ozborn has his audiences captivated from the word ‘go’. But, don’t mistake this guy as frivolous – there are undertones of intellectuality in the way he puts his stuff over, which makes you think back on what he spoke about. Ozborn has the gift of getting down to the level of you and me, so that we are able to see a bit of ourselves in his performances, and that is what makes him a true master of his art.

When he was a teenager, Ozborn’s Dad took him to a comedian/magician show by an American performer, the Amazing Jonathan. He had already seen another comedy show by Peter, who later on became Akmal. It was Amazing Jonathan’s performance that decided Ozborn’s fate, and he pledged  to  become  a  comedian.  Even  at  that  tender  age,  he  used  to  sneak  onto  the  stage  at comedy shows, but would be thrown out due to being underage. However, young Joel was not to be deterred, and he made quite a few comedian friends as a result of this.

Joel Ozborn won a prize for public speaking when he was in high school using stand-up comedy as a prop for his speech, instead of delivering a regular, conventional one. In 1988, he was the recipient of the “Street Performer of the Year”, in a competition organized by the Sydney Opera House.

Shortly after leaving school, the Amazing Jonathan offered young Joel a chance to tour all over the US with him, which he immediately accepted. During this period, Ozborn also worked on his street performing skills, by entertaining people on the Venice Beach Boardwalk in Los Angeles, a locality of hard-core bohemians, who were not easily impressed. However, with his bizarre acts like squeezing his body through a tennis racquet, he managed to gain recognition there, as well.

Joel  Ozborn’s  stint  in  America  culminated  in  performing  to  a  packed  house  in  a  Las  Vegas showroom.  By  then,  Ozborn  had  indelibly  made  his  mark  in  the  international  comedy  circuit, with the exposure the Amazing Jonathan gave him and of course, powered by his own brand of raw talent.

Once back in Australia, Ozborn had no difficulty getting bookings all over the country. He got in touch with his old pal Peter, who was now called Akmal again, and together they started touring giving joint performances all over Australia.

Joel  Ozborn  has  made  his  mark  with  his  contribution  to  international  stand-up  comedy,  and today is truly a stand-up comedian who has earned his stripes.

“Joel Ozborn’s physical style of comedy was excellent.” – The Sunday Times

“Joel’s style of comedy is in a category not occupied by any other comedian; an actor -talented, physical and unique; the spontaneous standing ovation said it all! Remember his name people; he’s going to be BIG! … Outstanding!!!” – Rip it Up

“I  fell  a  little  bit  in  love  with  Joel  Ozborn.  This  tall,  nonchalant  Eric  Bana  look-a-like  was perfect… went down a treat in a packed house. People were rocking  backwards and  forwards, holding in their stomachs and letting out shouts of laughter.” The Advertiser