John Cruckshank

John Cruckshank  is a gifted stand-up comedian who is well-know and well-loved all over Australia in regular comedy circles. Cruckshank is best identified by the overgrown crop of hair in the top of his head, which he recently trimmed off, much to the chagrin of his fans.

John Cruckshank has developed a unique style of his own, in delivering his lucid one-liners with just the right twist to bring out the funny side of every situation. An rather private person, Cruckshank does not have as much exposure to media or internet as his other fellow stand-up comedians, which explains why he does not have much visibility on the usual public domains, but this does not undermine his sheer gift of the gab to evoke a laugh and prove that he too is among the best around, when it comes to stand-up comedy. He is appears regularly at all the regular comedy watering holes in and around Australia, where he is well-received at each venue.

Cruckshank’s career in stand-up comedy started at an early age, and he climbed steadily up the ladder in the world of comedy, succeeding against all odds, and today he appears regularly at comedy shows alongside other famous Aussie comedians like Joel Creasey and Khaled at all the major comedy festivals and related events.

John Cruckshank is the person that you are looking for, if you want the kind of laid-back humor which doesn’t come easily to all comedians. Cruckshank will have you in splits before you know it, and you will be lost in his witticisms that seem to flow freely, with every hilarious delivery. A John Cruckshank stand-up comedy show will be remembered for ages after watching it, due to the original and well-placed one-liners for which Cruckshank is so well-known. You are really going to love this guy.