Josh Earl

A  “comedian,  librarian,  cake  enthusiast  and  an  ageing  hipster”  is  what  Josh  Earl  describes himself on the Adam Hills Tonight show. Add yet another facet to Josh, yes, musician, and it gives you an idea about this dynamic, multi-talented, funny person called Josh Earl.

Born in Burnie, Tasmania in 1981, Josh later moved to Australia, where he made his career as a librarian  and  stand-up  comedian.  Married  with  two  children, at  thirty-four,  Josh  Earl  has achieved a lot in a short span of time and is one of the most promising comedians that Australia has to offer.

Josh performs regularly at different venues all over Australia and also appears at international comedy festivals. He has done stand-up routines at the Melbourne Comedy Roadshow, Lazy Susan’s Comedy Lounge at Perth and Canberra, as well as at the Canberra Uni Pub. He is also a regular feature on all major radio stations and has hosted the famous Spicks and Specks radio show 26 times.

Josh Earl has shared the stage with other famous comedians like Tim Minchin, Russell Kane and Arj Barker. On an individual level, Josh has to his credit, nine sold-out seasons till date, which serves  as  an  adequate  yardstick  to  measure  the  success  of  this  sharp,  funny  and  endearing comedian who performs with child-like innocence and precocious aplomb, but at the same time, is capable of delivering dryly-acidic but hilariously relevant observations about personalities and situations.

Earl has a long list of rib-tickling parodies in his repertoire. Some of more memorable ones are his song about being on Skype with his mother, the train cake, his song about Jesus and the one about Josh being a librarian. The classic quality about all of Josh’s performances is that they seem  like  extempore  –  really  good,  clever  extempore,  that  hits  the  mark  without  (literally speaking!) missing a beat. The trademark combination of his guitar and the humorous lyrics makes Josh Earl a real treat to look forward to on stage, leaving you wishing for more, when it’s all over.

“Josh Earl has mastered the craft of musical comedy. It’s not that all musical comedy is passé or a cheap gimmick; it’s just that Josh Earl does it exceptionally better than anybody else around. Get the man a record contract and a low budget YouTube clip, and sit back and watch it go viral. Josh Earl take a bow.” – Brendan Hitchens – Inpress Magazine 2012

“Full of genuinely touching sentiments about relationships that are cheekily honest and truly hilarious, Earl will have you feeling reassured that your relationship problems are common, as well as comedy gold. You’ll want him to stay on stage for another hour as you realise his show is coming to an end. 4 Stars” Alex Samspon, The Herald Sun March 2011