Julia Wilson

The first adjective that comes to mind about Julia Wilson is “tough”, which is the word which comes to mind, after seeing just one of her performances. Wilson is a person who has reached where  she  is  today,  the  hard  way.  So,  she  definitely  comes  under  the  category  of  “rough diamond”,  but nonetheless, still a diamond, a gem  in the world of  Australia’s  comedy circles, accompanied by loads of international acclaim, to boot. Julia Wilson shares her wildest and most outrageous, even immoral experiences with her audiences, and isn’t afraid of revealing her most embarrassing moments.

Says Julia, “I don’t try to be funny, I just tell dirty little stories on stage that I think are funny. I’m  really  lucky  to  have  an  odd  life  where  weird  and  crazy  things  happen  all  the  time  so  re-telling  the  truth  and  making  people  laugh  is  the  perfect  job  for  me.”  This  projects  the  true essence of the comedian, Julia Wilson.

So,  what  is  it  that  makes  Julia  tick?  The  main  driving  force  of  Julia  Wilson  is  her  bold  and adventurous  attitude  towards  all  the  tricky  situations  that  she  gets  into.  Having  worked  as  a bodyguard as well as a female bouncer, Julia has been in enough sticky situations to be able to draw from.

To  illustrate  her  bold  approach  to  life  and  the  capacity  to  see  the  funny  side  of  the  worst situations, she recalls the time when she worked as a bouncer and ejected one of the very drunk female patrons. Once out on the street, the lady in question called her a “fat lesbian slut”. Julia just  responded  by  laughing  helplessly  and  yelling  back,  “I’m  not  a  lesbian”.  She  frequently shares  this  experience  with  her  audiences,  and  the  way  she  narrates  it,  never  fails  to  have  the audience in stitches.

Julia Wilson has performed at major comedy clubs and shows around the world, in Canada, the UK, Germany, South Africa and Croatia, among others. She has also appeared in an Australian movie called Oyster Farmer and on the television series Love My Way. Julia’s latest comedy gig is a show called Scarred Not Scared. It is a show that showcases Julia’s scars. She literally has some scars each with a story to tell. She calls each scar that she has a “trophy”, and of course, you can imagine the story that she narrates in her inimitable style about each one. She has a scar from a lion and a convict, among several others. Julia considers these escapades as “getting into some seriously dangerous fun”, but then she adds, “I wouldn’t have it any other way”.

“Wilson is as tough as a sack full of nails… takes you on a taste defying ride you won’t forget in a hurry.” – Drum Media, Australia “Her gags are fired off faster than snakebites in a mongoose cage…There’s nothing like laughing at  other  people’s  misfortunes,  and  no  guilt  if  you  can  claim  you  were  scared  into  it…  Be warned.” – TNT Magazine, UK