Kat Davidson

One of our favourite comedians Katrina is genuinely amused by the perception that women are not as funny as men.

Comedian Katrina Davidson has often been referred to as ‘The funniest chick I’ve seen‘ and has been known to keep working class blokes and high class gals alike gasping with laughter.

Katrina started her stand up career in 1997 (as Katrina Shiels) and has continued her love affair with the stage in the public eye. Tabloid reports say that the relationship is ”fiery and passionate” and they have no plans to stop seeing each other.

Equally at home in a corporate venue or a room full of hens and bucks Katrina brings a fresh and intelligent view to her comedy. She tackles relationships observations and random events with equal passion and her unique storytelling ability takes her audience with her for the ride.

Katrina has been a professional improviser since 1993 hosted gala events coached blue chip companies and worked a crowd from the back of a cattle truck. Sometimes all at the same time. She can be heard regularly across the ABC local radio network and has headlined the best clubs in Australia and Canada.