Khaled Khalafalla

Khaled Khalafalla is one of the fastest rising stand-up comedians in Australia. His comic credentials defy the brief period for which he has been a part of the Australian comedy scene. He has the confidence and the charm that make  his  performance  stand  out  amidst  a  sea  of  wannabe  comedians.  He  has  juggled  between  national  and international tours, along with several TV and radio appearances in less than five years as a comedian.

Khaled  was  born  to  Egyptian  parents  in  Saudi  Arabia.  He  was given  high  quality  education in  an international school before his family decided to move to Australia. He started his career from RAW Festival in 2011. Shortly afterwards, Khaled became an instant hit! The ease with which he deals with his audience makes it hard to believe that he has been in the comedy circuit for a very brief time.


There are no theme-restrictions in Khaled’s shows. He relentlessly switches subjects and covers a wide variety of topics. A closer analysis of his work reveals his interest in black comedy. In that, he deals with rather serious topics like women rights, racial differences and even the ISIS, projecting them in a ludicrous light. Such topics can be highly controversial, but Khaled has the unique talent of portraying them in a non-offensive way. Racial issues are a major area of interest for Khaled. He adopts various accents like Mandarin, British, African and Indian, which he learned from his travels around the world, to get his jokes across. He brings along bursts of enthusiasm and the sort of energy that is highly sought after in the comic industry.

Khaled believes in audience participation, so be prepared for instantaneous questions at all times. However, he never  humiliates  his  audience  so  don’t  be  afraid  if  he’s  looking  in  your  direction.  He  is  fresh,  intelligent  and extremely witty, qualities that the comedy scene in Australia looks forward to. According to The Age; ‘if there’s one person  who’s going  to  go  on  to  become  a  huge  mainstream  star,  it’s  Khalafalla’.  The  Beat  Magazine rightfully recognizes Khaled as a ‘superb comedian, relentlessly hilarious…charismatic adept and very suave’.


Khaled established the very first non-alcoholic comedy room ‘Shisha Comedy’ in Melbourne and in Sydney. His debut seasons at The Melbourne and Sydney Fringe festivals were complete sell-outs. In 2011, Khaled was the national runner-up of Triple J’s RAW Comedy at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. In 2012, he was the national winner of the Greenfaces National Comedy Competition. In 2013, Khaled was in the spotlight, performing at all major events and comedy festivals. He bagged the best of Melbourne Comedy Festival Award in the same year. 2014 saw him coming up with his new show ‘Fresh’ which he performed at all the major Australian Comedy Festivals.

Khaled is undoubtedly Australia’s favorite rising comedian. He is suitable for a wide variety of events ranging from sporting events to product launches. Contact us for more information about Khaled’s availability and booking him for your event.