Here is another hilarious guy who would probably not win granny’s approval by way of his rather rough language, but Lehmo is good. Lehmo has a rather conspiring air about the way he shares anecdotes with his audience, captivating them from start to finish. Laughs are guaranteed when you sit in Lehmo’s audiences, and his endless repertoire will leave you hoping that the fun will never end. And that’s what measures true success of a stand-up comedian.

Born on 20 August 1969 Anthony Lehmann had a normal and rather conventional education, graduating as a chartered accountant and working as one for several years (“too many years”, he says), crunching numbers for various companies.

Then, when he was just into his twenties, he had an unsuccessful foray into comedy, when he entered the show “Red Faces:” on Hey Hey I’ts Saturday where he got 2 zeroes and a 3 from the judges. However, he was unfazed by this setback and went on to entertain troops in East Timor in the Middle East. This is where he honed his skills as a standup comedian and then he started his career in standup comedy in earnest, starting with his show, Christmas in Baghdad, where he shares his experiences of mingling with the troops and flying around in Black Hawks in Iraq.

Over the years, Lehmo has proved to be one of the well-traveled Aussie comedians, having performed at international locations like New York, London, Edinburgh, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong among several others.

Lehmo has also proved to be a showman of exceptional stamina, with his recent Guinness World Record, for the maximum number of jokes cracked within an hour, 549, against the previous record of 50. Lehmo also acted in an Australian movie Offside, where he plays the role of a former soccer star, a role with which he is comfortable, as he is an avid supporter of the Aussie Rules football club.

Lehmo has a distinctive style to his standup routines, which endears himself to his audiences almost instantly. His down-to-earth approach to daily situations and people that he comes across, and the way he sees a humorous angle to every scenario, makes watching Lehmo in action, a memorable experience.

During the period that he co-hosted the popular breakfast show, Milly & Lehmo, some of the biggerst stars like Bon Jovi, Pink, Juliette Lewis and Dave Grohl were interviewed by Lehmo. More recently, Lehmo has just come to the end of a tour of duty at the TripleM National Drive Show featuring Wil Anderson.

Lehmo recently got married to television producer Kelly Kearney in December 2014.

Lehmo’s easy and comfortable attitude on stage, coupled with some really great one-liners, puts Lehmo among the best of the best comedians in national and international comedy circles.

“Lehmo is a fantastic personality to work with and ensured that our dinner was a huge success, I would recommend him to any organization looking to put some fun and enthusiasm into an evening.” – Greg Stirling – Senior Brand Manager, Jacob’s Creek Wines