Lindsay Webb

It’s just fun all the way with this affable but really, really quick-witted standup comedian, Lindsay Webb. He’s really fast with his staccato deliveries, so you had better be on your toes, to catch every syllable he utters, because it’s all loaded with the best flavor of humor that you could ever wish for. Yes, Lindsay Webb is a comedian in his own right, with humor that just keeps coming as if he were born just for the purpose of making others laugh.

It is very obvious that a lot of Lindsay Webb’s acts are carefully planned to perfection, but generally, the way he delivers them is purely instinctive. And what adds to the enjoyment is that Webb is into good, clean fun, so groups of all ages can enjoy his performances.

Lindsay Webb is a well-traveled comedian and is a regular at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where he has performed six times. He also was an International Guest at eh New Zealand Comedy Festival in 2009.

Among his more notable achievements, Lindsay received a 4-star review for his solo performance of Foolosophy, which he performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2006. His other hit performances are Lad to Dad, Hurry up Jesus, and Foolosophy 2.

Lindsay Webb launched his comedy career in 1998, when he won the Melbourne International Comedy Festival JJJ Raw Comedy Competition. He also emerged as a finalist in the “Comic of the Year” category at the Sydney Comedy Festival in 1999. In 2007, Lindsay was declared the “best Comedy Host” in the QLD Comedy Awards.

In 2014, Lindsay Webb supported Dave Hughes, and in the same year, all his shows What’s your Name, What do you Do? were sold out when he performed at the Adelaide Fringe and the Melbourne Comedy Festival. He also got a 4 star review for his Set List Show by the Herald Sun.

Being an avid supporter of digital media, he has done numerous podcasts and can be frequently found on Wil Anderson’s FOFOP Podcast among others like 612 ABC QLD and he hosts a podcast called CBBP Podcast for BP Australia.

Lindsay Webb is by no means a loner, and he has performed alongside some of the great names in comedy across the world, like Jimeoin, Wil Anderson, Adam Hills, Chris Franklin, Jo Koy, Tom Rhodes Carl Barron, Mickey D, among others.

Lindsay is also in great demand for corporate events., and he has performed for organizations like Evans Harch Constructions (Sunshine Coast), Optus “Golf Challenge”, the Australian Festival of Tennis, and St Andrews Anglican School at Perigan Springs.

What makes Lindsay Webb unique is the style that he adopts in using a mix of character voices with participation from the audience, using observational comedy as a base. This, he is able to sustain again and again, with every standup comedy appearance he makes.

“Webb is an animated & clever storyteller. You can’t help but have a good time” **** Herald Sun (with its 4 star rating!)

“Webb should be a household name. His effortless comedy is not to be missed” – YAWP

“He made my eye POP out from Laughing so much” – Roberta, Geelong