Luke Heggie

Expect yourself to be taken on a ride of adrenaline rushes, madness and uncontrollable laughter. Luke Heggie has become one of the most respected and sought after comedians in Australia. Owing to his razor-sharp wit and acute sense of humor, Luke has been continuously bagging awards and nominations throughout his comic journey. He has worked day-in and day-out to claim the status that he has today. Top that off with a great voice and singing ability, and it’s no wonder Luke has been continuously packing theatres one after another.

Luke was born in Brisbane and worked as an ordinary laborer until the day when he finally decided to turn over a new leaf and try his luck as a corporate comedian. In 2010, he performed his first gig for which he won his first RAW Comedy heat. Starting off with a roar, his second gig got him through to the semi-finals, whereas the third one won him the state final. It is Luke’s inborn talent for comedy that has turned him into the quick-paced success story that he is. He is a total bon vivant with his desirable looks and appropriate dressing sense, which make him excellent for hosting or performing at any type of event. Contact us for more details regarding his availability and to know whether or not he’ll be suitable for your event.


Luke has travelled throughout the world and has developed into an influential storyteller. He started his journey as a stand-up comedian by narrating one-liners that amused his audience, but later enriched his style and started  telling entire stories. His stories are usually inspired by his travels around the world and are centered around different stereotypes that he has met. Luke’s comedy style also focuses on mocking the mundane nature of many jobs that a working-class individual has to take up. He will make you view the ordinary things in life from a comic angle  which  will  help  you  to  deal with  the  dilemmas of  daily  life.  His  comedy  genre can  be  classified as observational and deadpan. His ability to execute hilarious punch lines with a straight face is phenomenal.

Luke is dry, cranky and unashamedly sarcastic. His one-liners are intelligently written and cleverly executed. Luke is an enthusiastic learner; he taught himself the ukulele for Melbourne International Comedy Festival Show in 2013, which turned a lot of heads. He has also taught himself to fluently speak, understand and write French. Sydney Morning Herald rightfully calls him ‘sharp, sardonic and understated’.


In only his third on-stage performance, Luke bagged the prestigious Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s ‘RAW Comedy Competition’. TIME OUT declared him Sydney’s ‘Best Comedian’ in 2012. In 2015, he won the ‘Director’s Choice Award’ at the Sydney Comedy Festival. Luke opened for the Nelson Twins at Edinburgh Fringe. He believes that it is absolutely essential to make the most out of each performance. It’s hardly a surprise that Luke is one of the fastest rising comics who guarantees a sidesplitting show.