Mad Mike Bennett

A fitting nickname to a totally freaky comedian, stuntman and magician, Mad Mike Bennett really lives up to his name. Just a few seconds into any of his acts and you will be in stitches, with free-flow comedy and a seemingly endless supply of energy. Bennett is a natural, and has his finger on the pulse of all things in life, managing to find a funny angle to all of it, which is what makes him such a successful standup comedian.

Bennett was born in New Zealand who later settled down in Australia. He made his first foray into the world of comedy rather late, at the age of 36, working on islands in the South Pacific and became a regular at the Sun Deck Hotel at the Perisher Ski Resort at New South Wales, where he worked until 1993. Bennett made his mark in all the major comedy circuits at home as well as abroad.

Mike Bennett is still extremely popular in the South Pacific region, and on board cruise liners. He worked for 15 years for Warner Bros. at the Warner Brothers Movie World, where he did warm-up acts and is well-known to most people for this. He won the Big E award in 2006 under the category of Best Atmosphere/Street Performer. The event was created and hosted by the International Association for Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA).

Mad Mike Bennett performed for several years at Movie World, Queensland, at the Police Academy Show, as an opening act and as a stuntman. He also performs at Dreamworld at the Alien vs Predator at the AVPX attraction.

Bennett has a unique style of his own. His jokes and one-liners are absolutely ironic but bang on, when it comes to portraying the lighter side of life in the world of Mike Bennett. He also performs a nifty rope trick, which is truly amazing and has his audiences captivated each time that he does it. Bennett is also very good with his hands and does some amazing stunts with balloons, live on state as well among a collection of various assorted magic tricks.

A lot of the entertainment from this hilarious showman is strictly adult stuff, but to those who are open to all varieties of entertainment who have an open mind, Mad Mike Bennett is bound to hit the spot.

All in all Mad Mike Bennett gives you an overall good show time experience, and you can be rest assured of getting your money’s worth back with interest from this truly international, exceptionally talented comedian.

About his view on quality comedy, Bennett sums it all up when he says, “A good joke is a tonic for appetites jaded by an unending and unsavoury diet of politics, corruption, religious and social problems.”