Here is a concept which is original, yet something that touches the heart in a way few things can – yes, it is through music, and presented in a most unique and entertaining fashion by this group of men who belt out a’capella numbers like never before. This band of men is catching the attention of audiences all over Australia and across the globe.

Manchoir was started in 2013 by Philip Read, who had a vision of a choir of a group of like-minded men with talent, of men from different walks of life, with a passion for singing, but who wanted to take their art to the next level. Philip is a member of a professional a’capella troop, The Spooky Men’s Chorale, which gives him the upper edge as leader of Manchoir. This motley crew of entertainers is composed of actors, comedians and singers and even journalists and tradesmen who are driven by the sole objective of creating the liveliest a’capella that you could ever imagine.

So, that’s what it basically is – a choir of singing men who love what they do and love sharing it with those who are ready to sit back and enjoy their repertoire which is so vast that it extends from the Beatles to Lady Gaga!

The novelty of Manchoir is that previous experience in music is not required – the members do not even need to know how to read music. Just a good ear for music is required, and the members are trained on the spot.

Manchoir has performed at various venues throughout Australia, and can be hired, subject to availability for corporate parties and events. With this bunch of talented men, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful evening of music over the ages, old and new, and you will take back pleasant memories of some of the best music that you have heard in a long time. Manchoir has definitely got everything going for them!

“We stopped off to have a bit of brekkie and enjoy the dulcet notes of Manchoir, An a’capella outfit featuring the most good looking men on the planet… probably, Manchoir are described as ‘a group of men who keep their clothes on while singing delightful harmonies’…they [also] enjoy long walks on the beach at sunset and listening to women’s needs. Performing covers of what can only be described as “choons”, the comedic nature of these guys became a surprise hit of the weekend”.  – Kate Dunlop,