Marcus Ryan

Marcus Ryan subverts the audience into belly-gags with his ridiculous character comedy depicting cultures from around the globe. Australian Born and UK based, Ryan blasted off as a comedian by reaching the finals in the 2003 national competitions Raw Comedy and Green Faces. That earned him an invitation to the Edinburgh Fringe, and thus started his career as an international comic. Today, he travels around the world leaving giggles on his trail and picking up new travel stories to entertain his audience. He is recognized as a vagabond comedian in European, North American and Australian comedy clubs.

Marcus is a brilliant actor and can switch from one stereotype to another effortlessly. He is a keen observer of life and a natural collector of cringe-worthy stories. His razor-sharp wit and extraordinary sense of humor never fail to amuse, which is why his shows are sold out days in advance. He may seem homeless because of his extensive travelling, but he’s very much at home when he’s on stage. Contact us to catch up with this notorious globetrotter and book him for your comedy event.


Marcus is a hugely talented storyteller who distills his signature brand of humor from international cultures and stereotypes. One moment he’s tickling his audience with his precise depiction of the contrasts between Australian and  British  cultures.  And  the  next  moment  he’s  causing  contagious  laughter  by  pointing  out  the  familial dysfunctions owing to the modern social media trends. He narrates hilarious stories with a refined sense of humor and adds great value to any event, commercial, corporate or sports.

His comedy is like a breath of fresh air, as he’s always looking out for new jokes to include in his routine. His humor allows his audience to visualize life in other cultures and his absorbing narration keeps them hooked. His good looks  complement  his incisive  wit  to make  him  a  favorite  with  huge  crowds.  His  comic  style  is  observational, original and very casual, and his talent for mimicry is the envy of any aspiring comedian. A master of character comedy and impressionism, he engages the audience and entertains them to the limits. Don’t miss his show if he happens to be performing near you.


Ryan’s is an accomplished standup comedian with a long list of noteworthy performances to his credit. He has been active in the Australian and global comedy scene since 2004 and has performed at all major international comedy festivals. One of his famous signature acts, called Love Me Tinder, depicts Marcus as a self-styled online dating expert who dresses like Elvis Presley and delivers stupefying tongue-in-cheek stories.

He was the selectors’ top choice from among 500 comedians to participate in the Las Vegas World Series Comedy. Marcus frequently gravitates back to his birthplace to perform at clubs and festivals. He is the first ever comedian who performed in Siem Reap Cambodia during his solo tour of Southeast Asia. He’s also a gifted musician and also doubles as an MC during comedy festivals and events.