Mark Trenwith

Mark is an Australian based actor and stand-up comedian who is very peculiar in his ways and brings his own flavor to  the  street  comedy  scene.  He  has  achieved  a  position  where  it’s  hard  to  think  of  standup  comedy  without thinking of Mark Trenwith! There is no stand-up comedian more in demand for award ceremonies, public events, product launches and corporate events than Mark.  He is also widely popular amongst children for his alter-ego, ‘Mr.  Snot  bottom’.  Apart  from  acting  and  stand-up comedy,  Mark  has  plenty  of  experience  as  a writer  and  a director.  He  regularly  holds  community  programs  like  ‘Stand  Up  With  Confidence’  and  ‘Cracking  Up’  to  teach comedy and other skills related to stand-up comedy. Mark frequently visits sick children at the Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital disguised as a superhero ‘Captain Starlight’ in order to cheer kids up.

His comedy career began when he was studying creative arts at the Flinders University. Mark performed his first comedy gig on ‘Raw Comedy’ in 2001. Since then, he has been performing to sell out crowds. He was offered a handful of on-screen roles right after graduation. These included the Australian drama ‘Peaches’ and the TV series ‘Being  Me’. It  was  after  his  experience  as  an  actor  that Mark  developed  a  reputation  for  being  an  innovative comedian. Mark is a busy artist, thanks to his corporate demand, but he can be available to perform at your event. Get in touch now to book him for your show.


As a major in screen studies, Mark prefers the use of high impact audio-visual presentations in his stand-up. This adds a unique color to his shows, which are considered ‘more animated than Mickey Mouse’ by Rip It Up. He gets his inspiration from issues and observations of everyday life and portrays them in a very funny yet non-offensive way.

As Mr. Snot Bottom, Mark uses pure slapstick to have children of age-5 in tears and stitches. Mr. Snot Bottom’s comedy  focuses  on  toilet  humor,  farts,  boogers,  smells  and  absolute  obsession  with  bodily  functions.  He transforms himself into an overgrown child, using physical humor and absurd expressions as weapons to captivate the audience. The purpose of Mr. Snot Bottom’s shows is pure entertainment; there are absolutely no educational or moral outcomes. Mark is a highly intelligent stand-up comedian. He continuously delivers successful shows without having to rely on swearing  or  insulting.  Mark  adopts  lively  and  personable  style  while  on-stage  which  makes  his  audience  feel comfortable. According to the Messenger, Mark is ‘destined for bigger things’ whereas Arts Hub thinks that his stand-up comedy is ‘tummy clenching, belly aching stuff’.


Mark has written and directed a number of short films like ‘Pad Thai’ for which he bagged the 2001 Artery Award. He won the ‘People Choice Award’ and ‘Comedian of the Year Award’ in Adelaide Comedy Awards 2010. Mark has performed comedy and received standing ovations throughout the world from Gotham Comedy Club (New York) to The Comics Lounge (Melbourne) and Comedy Store (London). He recurrently sells out shows at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival and Edinburgh Fringe Festival.