Matt Quartermaine

When you think of Matt Quartermaine, you also think of comedy at its very best. For over 18 years, Matthew Quartermaine, better-known as just “Matt” Quartermaine, has given his best in terms of great performances and has been entertaining his audiences with his witty repertoires.

Matt Quartermaine’s performances are associated with his performances in the series of hilarious Hilux Toyota ads. Matt is otherwise best-known for his performances in the popular ABC Television’s show The Big Game. This is a dual performance, where Matt Parkinson also appears and they come up with some absolutely outlandish slapstick comedy (literally slap stick as they frequently bash each other). There is for example, one episode where the two Matts perform a parody of a painkiller advertisement, which is silly, outrageous, extreme, but lively, and is guaranteed to bring a smile on the face of the most depressed soul. This is incidentally, the same style adopted while acting for the Hilux Toyota ads. This series of commercials earned Matt Quartermaine the award for The Best Car Commercial in 1991 for Acting.

In his eighteen odd years as a stand-up comedian, Matt Quartermaine has a record of having given performances not only in Australia, but in several places across the globe and has received an overwhelming response for every one of them. Matt Quartermaine is also the recipient of The Best Newcomer Award at the Edinburgh Festival in 1990.

Matt Quartermaine has done extensive work for the program Full Frontal, and he is associated with the renowned television show Tonight Live with Steve Vizard produced by Comedy Inc. where he worked for quite a few years.

Matt also has a strong presence on the radio, and is his programs are extremely popular. He is a regular on The Cage and The Grill Team which is aired by the radio station MMM. Another of Matt’s accomplishments is the development of an exclusive, regular comedy program for the Esplanade Hotel which goes by the name Espy Comedy which has come to be one of the crowd-pullers for the hotel.

Matt Quartermaine is not only a gifted stand-up comedian, but he is also a prolific writer, and his most well-received writing works appear in a regular column in The Big Issue.

Matt is also a big name at corporate events like product launches, charity lunches and dinners, and conventions. He is a well-articulated speaker as an MC for corporate parties and events, and is available to perform at such occasions, depending on his availability.

If you want to have an evening of pure entertainment, Matt Quartermaine provides this with his original, hilarious slapstick comedy acts, bordering on the violent side but in general, all his deliveries are totally clean, and in good taste. As there is a conspicuous absence of profanities in all of Matt Quartermaine’s acts, his performances can be viewed by all age groups. Matt Quartermaine is the perfect choice for a thoroughly enjoyable evening which you will remember for a long time to come.