Matt Wakefield

You cannot call yourself a comedy freak unless you sit through one of Matt Wakefield’s shows. Matt is one of the few emerging comics in Australia who have achieved the reputation of cracking up crowds without fail. Hailing from  Sydney, Matt formerly worked  as  a consultant  manager.  However, he  soon realized  that  his passion for comedy surpassed all other fervors in his life so he decided to make a career out of it. He can work comedic wonders using just a receptive audience and a microphone stand.

Fans and critics alike acknowledge Matt’s dedication towards comedy with raving reviews and standing ovations. He works phenomenally well under pressure, tackling any challenges thrown his way with extraordinary skill. So, whether it’s an entertainment gig or a corporate event, Matt proves his prowess everywhere. Matt’s cringe worthy brand  of  comedy  will  have  you  in  sidesplitting  bursts  of  laughter.  Over  the  years,  he  has  shown  consistent improvements  in  his  performance,  something  that  has  allowed  him  to  become  the  foremost  choice  of  many corporations and event holders throughout Australia. He has a packed schedule all year round so contact us now to know if he will be available to perform at your next event.


Matt doesn’t only make people laugh. He coverts their negative thought patterns into positive ones. His insights into  the  hassles  and  uplifts  of  everyday  life  will change  the  way  you  look  at  the  world  around  you.  Matt manipulates topics like racial differences and inequality to enthrall his audience into fits of laughter. His unique ability  to  discuss  sensitive  issues  in  a  comic light  without  giving rise  to  controversy is  appraisable. Matt  seeks immense pleasure in politically charged debates where he will be mocking your favorite politicians and socialites.

Matt is very interactive, so brace yourselves for a casual conversation at any point during his performance. He has the ability to entertain audiences of tens to hundreds of people with absolute confidence. Matt does not restrict himself to a particular style of delivery. He switches personas and expressions with the speed of light and can deliver a joke brilliantly with a straight face or with a contorted one. He’s a great artist to have at your show because he seldom disappoints when it comes to unstoppable eye watering laughter. The Laugh Garage says Matt is ‘one of the rising stars of Australian Comedy’.


In his brief career, Matt has achieved a considerable amount of recognitions and nominations. He has performed alongside the likes of famous comedians like Sam Bowring. Matt debuted at the Sydney comedy Festival in 2013 with his show ‘Thought Crime’ that was subject to much praise and appreciation. He continues to perform at all major venues and festivals in Australia, inciting roof shattering laughter at theatres packed with anticipating fans. Matt is regarded as one of the best emerging comic to have toured Australia with his exclusive form of comedy. The Weekend Notes calls Matt a “reminiscent of comedy legend Doug Stanhope”.