Michael Chamberlin

Very few comedians can stand parallel to Michael Chamberlin In terms of talent and novelty. Michael is one of the most sensational comics of all times and a veteran of the Aussie comedy scene. Having been in the industry for a very long time, he has mastered all the tricks necessary to enchant his audience into spells of laughter. Michael’s brand of comedy is not only hilarious but also remarkably thought provoking. Owing to his evergreen looks and cheeky nature, Michael is the foremost choice of many event organizers and corporations throughout Australia.

Like most comedians, Michael launched himself to the world of comedy in 1999 through the Melbourne University Law Revue. Fame was an instant luxury for him as the very next year he was selected by the celebrated sketch team  ‘Enter  the  Datsun’  to  perform  with  them  at  the  Melbourne  Comedy  Festival.  However,  it  was  not  until Michael co-started his own comedy lounge ‘Stagetime’ that he received the insight and maturity to shift his act onto a larger scale. Since then, he has been subject to raving reviews and standing ovations regardless of where he performs. Michael Chamberlin remains high in demand throughout the year, so contact us now to book him for your next event.


Michael’s comedy will not only leave you in belly-cramping laughter, but also, it will leave an indelible mark on the way you think. He derives humor from social issues and the organization of the society that surrounds us. Finding ludicrous angles to portray the harsh realities of life is what makes Michael the brilliant comedian that he is. Being a typical Aussie, he loves talking about all kinds of sports. Michael takes risky leaps into controversial topics like politics and religion without coming off as offensive. His standup is a picture of reality and impracticality at the same time.

His shows never base entirely on one topic; instead, Michael flings from one extreme to the other, moving the show forward with seamless effort. His standup consists of frequent pitter-patter relating love and life in general. The Adelaide Advertiser sums up his act by calling Michael ‘entertaining, intelligent and witty’ whereas The Age say that he is ‘a thoroughly endearing and funny storyteller’.


Michael  has  performed  on  numerous  live  shows  and  comedy  rooms like  Rhino Room,  Comedy  Store  and  The Comics Lounge. He won the ‘Piece of Wood’ award along with fellow comedian, Charlie Pickering in 2002 at the MICF. Michael made it to the grand finals in 2001 Raw Comedy Competition. Some of his esteemed corporate clients are Heidelberg Printing, National Australia Bank, Network TEN and Philip Morris. Michael worked as a co-writer  for  countless  shows  like  ‘Stand  up  Australia’,  ‘Rove  Live’,  and  ‘Before  the  Game’.    ‘There  is  A  Party  at Stephan Edberg’s Place’, ‘Michael Chamberlin’ and ‘I am the King of the Divan’ are a few of his hit solo shows. Presently, Michael is a regular sight at all major events and festivals throughout Australia.