Michael Connell

Michael  Connell  was  born  to  be  a  showstopper!  He  started  touring  various  circuses  nationwide  since  he was thirteen and has never looked back. Michael was always good with the crowds. In his high school years, he learned the  art  of  juggling  which  he  used  to  cheer  people  up  in  circuses.  His  potential  to  be  a  belly  cracker was  quickly recognized when he won the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s Class Clown Competition in 2001 and the rest became history.

His passion as a performer and an entertainer led him to attain a diploma of theatre from Victoria University. He effectively  uses  his  acting  skills  on  the  stage  to compliment  his  jokes  and  the  mixture  makes  his  routines surprisingly very interesting! Called as ‘a young comedian with a promising career ahead of him’ by national press and publishers, Michael Connell has definitely established himself as one of the most amazing performers in the Australian comic scene. To book him for your next event – Contact us immediately!


Popularly reputed to be client specific, Michael Connell knows his audiences. He knows when to tickle and where, and  he  pulls  the  right  strings  just  at  the  right  time  to  crack  up  the  audiences  with  wild  laughter.  Unlike  other comedians, he does not rely too much on foul language, abuses, or sexual references to make people laugh. He has drawn a line between insults and humor and likes to keep his comedy clean. And that is what makes him suitable for all kinds of audiences. Don’t be afraid to bring along your kids or your parents to his events, his jokes are well thought out and won’t offend anyone!

Sharply dressed with clean humor, this guy has redefined the art of comedy. Instead of cracking jokes on race or getting  personal,  Michael’s  routines  are  genuinely hilarious!  Part  of  his  style  is  inspired  by  his  innate  ability  to blend in with the  audience.  Since  he  started  performing  at  a  very  young  age,  he  does  not  let  the  stage frighten him. He addresses a crowd as he would address his normal group of friends and makes the entire spectacle look effortless  and  very natural. On  the  stage,  he  would  make use  of  his  keen  eye  and innate  ability  to  improvise  to crack jokes suiting the audience. He is not too fast and likes to make sure that the crowd is going along with him, which is why he constantly engages with them.


Michael  Connell is  a  favorite  in  all kinds  of comic  facets.  He  is a regular  customer in  the corporate world where some  of  his  regular  clients  include  Amnesty  International,  University  of  Melbourne,  Scouts  Australia, Cancer Council  Victoria,  Auckland  University  and  Australian  Taxation  Office.  He’s  a  veteran  of  the  Melbourne Fringe Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, New Zealand Comedy Festival and Canberra Season.

He  has  appeared  in  Get  Cereal,  Australia’s  Got  Talent,  Live  on  Bowen,  The  Footy  Show,  1700,  Studio  A  and Champagne Comedy. Having made such an impressive mark in the Australian comic industry at such a young age, Michael Connell is definitely the one to watch!