Mick Meredith

Known for his versatility, Mick Meredith has become the centre piece of the Australian Comedy scene in the recent years. Starting off as a musician early on his life, Mick rediscovered his talents and found out the hidden clown beneath his jolly face. He gave stand up a shot at the famous Harold Park Hotel in 1990 and his stint became an immediate success. He has only gone from strength to strength since then, attracting more fans and admirers everywhere he performs.

Mick is known to be a man who has people talking about his jokes long after the show is over! His hilarious existence and belly cracking shows have made him a favorite in local bars, pubs as well as huge corporations. Get him to perform for you and your friends the next time and your hard earned money will have found its worth!


Mick Meredith has a classic laid back style, personifying the Aussie sense of humor.  He is the kind of bloke that sticks to your mind long after he disappears from the stage. His casual delivery style and shabby appearance makes you want to have a glass of bear in your hand and laugh your way out of this world. Mick does not refrain from getting dirty with his jokes. A complete package, this guy knows how to get raise the laughs using sexual references and blue comedy in pubs, bars and other appropriate audiences.

This bloke knows how to adapt. Having walked in the shoes of a rock star, painter, council worker and a father, Mick Meredith knows how to connect with people from varying backgrounds. He knows what sorts of strings to pull, or jokes to crack depending on his audiences.  He is a completely different person on stage in front of children and elderly people. This versatility is important for Mick since he regularly performs in front of diverse audiences like young children, corporate clients, people at bars and military men. With his razor sharp and loveable wit, this laugh machine is the one you are looking for!


Mick Meredith is a star in Australia and beyond! Performing at grand festivals is Mick’s personal favorite. He has performed  at  events  like  Melbourne  International  Comedy  Festival,  Sydney  Comedy  Festival,  Cyprus  United Nations Head Quarters, Kuwait US Army Base, Auckland Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe and the Roo Bar in Israel! Talk about being international!

Other than his widely acclaimed live performances, Mick Meredith has also been a regular feature on the TV screen. He wrote and also starred in the very popular NRL Footy show. Stand up Australia, Mornings with Kerri Ann, Joker Poker, The Sydney Cracker, The Fat and Triple M are also some of the hit shows he has been a part of. Mick Meredith’s list of accomplishments doesn’t just end here. His all round capabilities saw him release his music album called ‘Man United’ and was also a lead in a movie called ‘Bloody Hell’, both of them having earned him a lot of fame and bucks.