Mick Neven

Few other comedians hold more sway over Australian stage venues than Mick Neven, one of the busiest standup artists, and one of the most popular. His devious smirk gives an idea about the giggle-riot that he is going to unleash. Satire and spontaneity are his weapons of choice. The imperfections of modern life are his playground. A penetrating wit and a machine-gun delivery make him the comedian to watch out for.

Mick goes around big-ticket comedy clubs and street stages with breezy ease. You can trust him to deliver a relentless stream of punch lines until he has his audience rolling on the floor laughing. He is a sharp writer and tailors his jokes for specific events, from corporate functions to sporting events and from bar stages to comedy festivals. Contact us to get an update on Mick’s schedule and booking.


Mick Neven is a crafty performer who carves his comedy to suit the occasion and audience. He can easily switch from improvisation to slapstick, to deadpan, to cringe, to blue, and other genres depending upon what the crowd would find most hilarious. He researches the event and the audience to offer a knockout dose of customized comedy, fresh and highly relevant. You can call him a “flexible comedian”, a breed of comedians that’s so rare it’s almost extinct. That’s why he’s a hot-ticket item for all types of comedy events—corporate functions, product launches, private parties, fundraisers, sports, and others.

Mick improvises his humor from different aspects of everyday life that most of us pass over without noticing. The ridiculous aspects that he reveals through his slick stand-up are immediately relatable, and that’s what makes him so effective at making people laugh. He’s always likeable and never crosses the line between hilarity and bad taste. So, if you want modern, fast-paced comedy that entertains to the limit without causing the slightest annoyance, Mick is the kind of comedian that you can book without second thoughts…provided he is available!


Mick has been in the comedy industry for 12 years and already has some glowing performances on his résumé’. His signature act “Bully” is an all time favorite at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. He is consistently seen spreading giggles and laughs at corporate functions, sportsman nights, and comedy clubs. Each one of Mick’s performances is unique, as he believes “every gig is a little bit different”. The only thing common is to make people laugh, and that’s what he does.  The Age calls him “seriously entertaining”. Dave O’Neil thinks “Mick is one of the best writers on the comedy circuit”. He regularly appears on ABC’s Grandstand Breakfast and Melbourne’s 1116 SEN radio as a guest. He has also appeared on The Circle and Channel 9’s Hey Hey It’s Saturday and performed at the Adelaide Fringe Festival. He also writes humorous short stories, plays, screenplays, and speeches, apart from writing his own comedy. His major  corporate  clients  include  Mitsubishi,  The  Ted  Whitten  Foundation,  Eastcoast  Plumbtec,  The  Northern Football League, and Cotton Australia, among many others.

One  of  Australia’s  busiest  comedians,  Mick  is  just as  comfortable  on-stage  at  the  biggest comedy clubs and corporate functions in the city, and the smallest venues and sporting clubs in the country.

His material is observant, sharp and satirical, highlighting the foibles of modern life in a likeable and relatable fashion.  It’s intelligent, hilarious and sometimes political, delivered with high-energy and a never-ending stream of punchlines that continually take his jokes to the next level.

‘Mick is one of the best writers on the Comedy Circuit.  Every time I work with him, he pulls out new jokes that I wish I’d written’

Dave O’Neil – Comedian and Television Personality.

Mick is a flexible performer, able to tailor his comedy to suit the specifics of any occasion.  If you need a clean set for a formal corporate event or charity fundraiser, or something broader for ‘the blokes’ at a Sportsman’s Night, he delivers every time.

Writing jokes specifically for individual companies and events is another specialty.  Whether it’s a Product Launch, a Christmas Party, a Company Convention or a CWA Lunch, Mick has the skills to research the Event and the people involved for some ‘Custom Made Comedy’.

His  list  of  corporate  clients  includes  Mitsubishi, Baw  Baw  Shire  Council,  The  Ted  Whitten Foundation,  The  Northern  Football  League,  Eastcoast  Plumbtec,  Cotton  Australia  and  many more.

A regular guest on ABC Grandstand Breakfast and Melbourne’s 1116 SEN radio, Mick has also appeared  on  The Circle and  Hey Hey It’s Saturday (Channel 9).   He’s travelled to entertain Aussie  troops  serving  overseas  and  appeared  in  his own  solo  shows  at  the  Melbourne International Comedy Festival and The Adelaide Fringe.

“Comedy festivals offer a mixed bag and there are always a few gems just waiting to be found. Mick Neven is one of them. FOUR STARS “- Herald Sun

“Seriously entertaining.”The Age Entertainment

‘I’ve worked with a lot of comedian’s at a lot of Functions and Sportsman’s Nights, and Mick Neven’s comedy set is one of the best I’ve seen’

David (the Ox) Schwarz – AFL Footballer and media personality.

Corporate and Private Event Testimonials

“Mick  was  very  professional  before  he  started  his  performance  by talking   to   a   few   volunteers,   his   performance   great Just like to thank you for helping us get a comedian for out night and hope to be using you again!!” – Taylor

“He was absolutely brilliant- his comedy was a perfect fit for our event, and the people have not stopped talking about how good the day was, and how funny Mick was!!! The feedback has being along the lines of ‘Funniest hour of my life’. Again, you have delivered another memorable performer for our event!” Cheers, Leigh