Mikey Robins

The crowds’ feedback on Mikey Robins is amazing at the very least.  Mikey can take traditional comedic lines and turn them into monologue lines that create roaring laughter during his performances.  He is, in essence, a true and original stand up comedian that can ignite the evening with intrigue and laughter simultaneously.

Fans have to know, this comedian has always been known to bring passion for theater and comedy, and this has simply grown into a fantastic career for Mikey.  He discovered enjoyment in behind the microphone upon graduating from Newcastle University and joining his first cabaret group: The Castanet Club.  From having worked as a host for Triple J’s national breakfast show, to working with Good News Week—he’s had prime shifts for Triple M, Vega and even more.

Mikey has also authored two very well recognized books while working as a columnist for The Daily Telegraph and GQ—also writing for multiple other Men’s Style publications.  Most see his desire to write as one of his strong suits that have led into his comic style, specifically since he does write his own scripts for his stand up performances.

With regard to Mickey’s comedy performances and achievements, he has carried out numerous stand up shows at the Melbourne and Sydney comedy festivals.  This comedian has also gone all out and visited the troops in Afghanistan to provide some enlightening entertainment for morale and welfare.