Monty Franklin

Monty is known to perform on some of the biggest, more prolific stages across America and Australia.  He has been seen in the biggest comedy clubs from WA to multiple other major cities.  Monty is one of the few stand up comedians who has had sold out performances all across the country, alongside television performances as well, such as: Foxtel’s Stand Up Australia, The Best Of Stand Up and Comedy Gold. His Melbourne International Comedy Festival shows from 2005, 2006 and 2007 has not only gained worldwide recognition but has also been sold out repeatedly.

Monty has been the winner of several Stan-Up competitions in 2006, and he has also received the Melbourne winner and national finalist of the Green Faces Comedy Competition too.  He has appeared on television networks and has won first prize among hundreds of other participants in the 2005 Tourism Australia Mpeg Promotions Competition.  Most see him as a rising stand up comedian within Australia in particular, with critics saying: “One of the best social nights we’ve had—unbelievable and fantastic!” He does put a light in your step and a chuckle in your belly!

Monty speaks directly to his audience, not just out into the crowd, which engages his fans and allows for more drama and even hilarious hypocrisy at times!  Monty can take something old and make it something new, which adds to his appeal in the comedian world.  He gives foot stomping, outstanding performances each and every time he is live.  From comedy clubs, to nightclubs, to corporate theatrical performances, there is really no environment he can’t come alive in!