Nick Johns

With Nick Johns, you’ll discover pretty quickly that his jaw dropping, cheeky comedian style is very welcoming among his fans!  He uses this to his advantage and his main mission is to deliver uncontrollable laughter to his audience in the most energetic of ways!  He elates even the toughest comedy connoisseurs and keeps fans raising their eyebrows at his authentic jokes and style that is right there on the edge, but punchy and odd is exactly what people do want.  Many say, “his comedy is well received for all the right reasons,” and it can’t be denied—that’s a fact!

Nick leaves you with something to talk about, but not only this he is on the more prestigious side of comedy entertainment too.  He has made it to the Grand Final of two of the more illustrious shows in Australia in 2003, but then he has done this in every competition too!  He pushes past barriers and strives to keep bringing unique funny to the stage!  Not only is he in comedy rooms in Australia, but New Zealand as well.

He was the host for Stitches 3 years straight and had a segment on Chaos TV with other well known guests such as: Rove Will Anderson, Amity Dry, Tony Laffan, Adam Elliot and others.  More recently, Nick has been performing among massive crowds on the comedy circuit and absolutely loving it.  He’s been out there with the big boys like: Carl Barron, Jimeoin Akmal, Saleh and even Chopper, so he can definitely carry his own.  You’ll find some of his media credits below:

2003 RAW Comedy Australian Finalist

2003 – Melbourne International Comedy Festival

2004 Green Faces Australian Finalist

2003 – 2005 Host of Chaos TV

2007 Rove Competition Finalist

2007 The Comedy Channel

2008 The Comedy Chanel