Nick Sun

Nick Sun just might send you to a new dimension, the Twilight dimension!  His prolific style, and his usage of words have placed him in the high ranks among Australian comedians.  He has honed and developed his skills through the years, and has worked with some of the most high rated on the tough comedy circuit scene in the country.   Some size Nick up into one bundle, claiming: “He is a true freak of comedy!”  This is the highest compliment a stand up comedian can actually receive.

Nick also boasts of natural, raw humor—experimenting with new ideas to bring ways to make people laugh! Just a few of the adjectives used to describe Nick’s humor include “sarcastic,” “raw” and “boisterous” but these are great for comedy entertainment!  He is well known for taking the dark and absurd and twisting it into something that is absolutely brimming over with fun!  You can bet you’ll find Nick to be more than worthy for an evening night of laughs, there is no doubt about this at all.

If you can imagine a poet, with a bookful of meandering thoughts and who has the philosophical attitude that cuts through contemporary society to find the hilarious in just about anything, Nick does it! The anecdotes he uses are easily related to, which is what connects with the audience too.  He keeps it clean, but makes it feel dirty as anything!  If you’re one of those who enjoy laughing until you cry—or rather, can’t speak, this is the natural talent you’re looking for!

Nick has regular appearances in all of Australia’s major comedy clubs and he also has been in some of the more prolific comedy festivals across Australia as well, which include the infamous Melbourne International Comedy Festival, The Edinburgh Festival and Just For Laughs Festival with the latter in Canada.  Some of these are on an invite only basis.