Paul Brasch

Paul Brasch is described as “genius” by Time Out Magazine, which is totally accurate.  Paul is articulate, sublime and smooth, all great characteristics in an Australian comedian today.  Without a doubt, he is a gifted performer, totally born for comedy and geared to making people feel better about their own lives through his steadfast dedication to bringing out comfort and laughter with every audience who visits him live.

Yes, Paul is a dynamic comedian, one who can really work the crowds.  He has had appearances on The Midday Show, Hey Hey It’s Saturday, The Comedy Channel’s Headliners and others.  Paul has also performed live at The Melbourne International Comedy Festival and has performed alongside some well-known names as well.  His Paul Brasch Comedy Hour was played on Triple M Radio for over 4 years, not to mention the articles he has written for newspapers and magazines.

Paul’s comedy performances really are grand, and have caught the attention of other well-known professionals.  For example, John Birmingham, a best selling novelist created a character from some of Paul’s own live work.  One of these characters is written about in the book: “Weapons Of Choice.”  Further, Paul has appeared not just in Australian comedy clubs, but also in the United States, Canada, England and even Singapore.  His shows in New Zealand were total sale outs, which definitely say a great deal about his talent.

What people apparently love about this wonderful comedian is how he takes political realism and blends this with theatrical silliness that has won him fans and admirers across the globe.  He is also experienced enough to work the club scene, private settings and corporate environments perfectly.  Paul takes pride in knowing he can entertain anyplace, anytime and pretty much, anywhere!  He is a true artist in the craft of comedy!