Peter Egner

If you are looking for a person who was born to make people laugh, then you would probably like to see Peter Egner perform. Here is a standup comedian who will get onto the stage and launch a rapid fire round at his audience, producing genuine, heartfelt laughter with each salvo that he fires. His one-liners are original, funny and delivered with the type of poker-face that only Peter Egner is able to achieve.

The art of good comedy is not just coming up with funny anecdotes, but it is largely the way one delivers them. And, this is how Peter Egner from Sydney met with instant success with his inimitable style of delivering the most hilarious jokes imaginable with an absolute deadpan facial expression.

Peter takes a dig at his own life experiences (but don’t believe everything that he says about himself  and  his  family!),  and  brings  out the  lighter  side  of  these  situations.  Some  of  his statements are so far-fetched and ridiculous, that it makes the whole description hilariously funny, which highlights just how talented and imaginative Peter Egner actually is.

Peter Egner hails from Sydney, and came into the Australian comedy scene in 1990, making countless television experiences, and he soon graduated to writing for television. His writing is so well-received that there is hardly a television channel in Australia that does not used Peter Egner’s writing skills for their shows.

Peter Egner has performed at various comedy clubs and shows all over Australia and New Zealand,  and  he  has  performed  alongside  other  notables  like  Sean  Woodland  and  Andrew Denton. He is also a good MC and has performed for various corporate events and received accolades for carrying the show with his unique style of communicating with his audiences.

Some of Peter’s better-known shows where he performed are Comedy Inc. in 2003, BackBerner in 1999 and he also appeared on the David Tench Tonight show in 2006.

Today, Peter Egner is very active in all the comedy clubs and events in the Sydney area, and he also tours extensively. There is rarely a major comedy festival that does not feature the tongue-in-cheek performances Peter Egner, and Peter also has his own shows which are usually sold out.

An evening with Peter Egner promises to be a laughter extravaganza, and if you are looking for the kind of comedy experience that very few comedians actually can give you, you can be sure that this is what you will get by watching this talented, young man at work.