Peter Green

Here  is  a  truly  gifted  showman,  a  standup  comedian  and  prolific  writer,  who  has  been  a formidable figure in Australian Comedy circles since 1990.When on stage, Peter Green becomes that funny person that everyone wants to relate to. The standup routines of Peter Green have become legendary with all his audiences, who are mesmerized with his exceptional talent and creativity at humor, and the ability to evoke laughter from even the most mundane situations in life.

Peter  Green  in  no  newcomer  to  the  Australian  comedy  scene,  and  has  been  doing  standup routines since the late eighties. His first performance was in 1988, when he got an opportunity to perform at the renowned Harold Park Hotel at Sydney. Later, during the same period, and his second time that he ever performed in public, he participated in a comedy event, The Night of Nights, coming third in the competition.

Again at the Harold Park Hotel, Peter Green participated as a regular comedian, appearing on a show called Comics  in the Park, where  he gained considerable popularity, and old timers  in Australian comedy circles still fondly remember that show as some of the greatest moments in Australian standup comedy.

By the 1990s, Peter Green had become a regular at the Harold Park Hotel and additionally, he started  regularly  appearing  at  The  Comedy  Store  at  Cleveland  Street,  further  adding  to  his already established popularity.

In  early  2000,  Peter  Green  had  become  a  household  name  in  standup  comedy.  He  was particularly well-known for his appearances on the Cult Comedy at the Sandringham Hotel in Newtown.  He  participated  in  the  famous Last  Legs  Tour,  featuring  performances  at  remote locations  all  over  Australia,  like  cattle  stations,  air  force  bases  and  some  really  rough  pubs. Several other fellow comedians and friends participated in this tour, which was done on bicycles. During  this  period,  Peter  also  made  a  serious  foray  into television,  appearing  on  shows  like O’Loughlin On Saturday Night, FAQ, The Fifty Foot Show and Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show

Today, as a successful and much-loved comedian, Peter is considered to be one of the hardest working Aussie standup comedians.

Peter Green has a string of achievements and recognitions. He won the Triple RAW Comedy state  final  in 1997 at New South Wales.  After  having won several awards  like the Night of Nights competition  in the eighties, he became an accepted figure  in the world of comedy  in Australia.

Unknown to many, Peter Green is also a prolific writer, and is the author of a book entitled, Are Youse the Comoydians? – an epic tale of beer, bikes and boofheads. In his book, Peter describes the  epic  tour, The  Last  Legs  Comedy Tour. This  book is a good read, and provides a  fairly descriptive insight into Peter Green and the type of person that he actually is. There are a few photographs, which capture some of the most memorable moments of the tour.

Peter Green is a talented, original comedian, a very simple and down-to-earth guy, with a terrific sense  of  humor,  and  a  razor  sharp  mind.  All  these  traits  have  resulted  in  the  Peter  Green’s highly-successful career as a top-notch comedian in Australia.