Peter Helliar

Peter Helliar will have you in stitches throughout the show and smiling long afterwards. This Hoffman look-alike is highly talented and widely loved stage, TV, radio, and film artist who can guarantee the success of any high profile commercial or corporate event. Peter started his career in 1998 as a regular on Melbourne’s Channel 31 show, The Loft Live, but didn’t gain much recognition until his role as a side-kick on Rove (aired on the Nine Network).

He is also famous for his ‘alter ego’, Bryan Strauchan, which he created for the 2005 AFL season. He used this alter ego to play out Australian stereotypes and donned a blonde wig for this purpose. Peter introduced ‘Bryan’ to the world on his debut television show Before the Game. Bryan Strauchan was a piece of art and hence, an instant hit. Apart from being a comedian, Peter is a prospering director, writer, broadcaster, and presenter.


Peter  finds  humor  in  unusual  things.  He  is  often  seen  mocking  himself  for  being  over-weight  and  unfit.  He  also finds  the  general  inability  and  failure  of  humankind  to  complete  tasks  on  time  as  a  fascinating  area  of  interest. While  on-stage,  Peter  usually  portrays  his  character  as  delusional  and  full  of  self,  in  a  style  that  captivates  his audience.  He  breaks  his  spell  only  when  he  brings  the  audience  to  sidesplitting  gags,  which  is  about  every  few second.

His cunning, razor-sharp wit makes it very easy for him to move from one gag to the next. Peter takes pot-shots at famous  celebrities’  and  T-V  advertisements  that  will  have  absolutely  anyone  in  fits  of  hysteric  laughter.  He  also shows  great  interest in  serious  topics like  bullying,  discipline  and gay marriage without  making  his  one-liner  too cheap. His stand-up comedy is brilliantly concluded by the Sunday Mail in the following words:

”Give  Peter  Helliar  a  stage  a  microphone  some  bright  lights  and  a  captive  audience  and  he  shows  why he is one of the nation’s favourite comedians”.


Peter Hellier wrote the script for the blockbuster movie I Love You Too which was released in 2010. His narrative comedy  series It’s a Date  won  an  international  award  at  the  MIPCOM  market  in  Cannes  for  the  “Best  Scripted Format”. Peter has done countless stand-up comedies in his experience—Frisky, Hell raiser, Thinking Out Loud, and Shame being the most prominent of his trademark acts.

He’s an accomplished radio artist and has been a morning show host with Fox FM, ABC, 2Day FM, Nova and several other  broadcasters.  Peter’s Rove  won  the  Logie  Award  5  times  for  the  “Most  Popular Light  Entertainment Program”.  His  alter-ego  Bryan  Strauchan  received  the  AFL  personality  of  the  year  award  in  2005.  Peter was honored with the prestigious title of ‘The Comedian of the Year’ in the GQ magazine “Men of the Year Awards”. The list just goes on and on.

This year appears to be another busy year for this brilliant comedian, so get your event booked now before it gets too late. Contact us for further details and inquiries.