Peter Miesel

As a comedian, Peter Meisel is a great entertainer, with his witty, hilarious jokes, delivered with a  totally  deadpan  face  with  an  expression  of  mock  seriousness.  Meisel  has  his  audience enthralled with each and every show, evoking spontaneous laugher, which is a result of good quality comedy being acted out in a totally professional and talented fashion. After being in the field of standup comedy in Australia for over thirty years, Peter Meisel has established himself as one of the regular members of Australian comedy circles. Meisel has toured extensively all over Australia, and has performed at cities throughout the world, as well.

Peter Meisel is a teacher from New York who relocated to Australia in 1976, and has been there ever since. Although he was a good teacher, Peter realized that he was more successful in making his students laugh than in teaching, which was how he honed his skills in humor, and ended up becoming a standup comedian instead.

Peter Meisel is extremely passionate and opinionated about what he believes in, and is very emphatic to drive his point in all his acts. With his “Super Mario” looks, Meisel looks the part, as a person whose main aim in life is to make people laugh, and keep them laughing.

Meisel has performed at all the major comedy venues in Australia as well as the Comedy Store at the Harold Park Hotel in Sydney, Happy Endings Comedy Club, The Oatley Pub, The Basement and the Manly Boat Shed.

He also has a strong presence in corporate events, as a standup performer and MC. Some of his major  clients  are  various  football  and  soccer  clubs  like  the  Erina  Football  Club  and  the Bankstown Soccer Club. He also performed at the Novotel in Wollongong, the Hawkesbury Sporting Club and for the Australian Navy and the Balmain Police.

Peter Meisel has also performed as opening acts for other fellow comedians like the late Robin Williams, Carl Baron, Akmal Saleh, Will Anderson Tahir, Peter Berner, the Umbilical Brothers, Vice Serrenti, Elliot Goblet, Austen Tayshus and George Smilovici.

A show featuring Peter Meisel is bound to be a continuous flow of uproarious laughter, as he just goes on and on, with the corniest of jokes, yet so funny that you will laugh till tears stream down your face. Peter Meisel is a one-of-a-kind standup comedian who will never fail to be the heart and soul of any stage performance, party or corporate event.