Rob Brown

Rob Brown is a unique and quite down-to-earth comedian, always ready to amaze and surprise his audiences when they least expect it. He grew up in a big top environment, a caravan park!  From his young life, he has taken some great experiences and ideas and actually sculpted these to benefit him as a talented stand-up comedian today.  He has also had some trying experiences that have actually helped him to use real life circumstances for his live performances.

The decade he spent working in security and training security services overseas, paired with his decade of work as a maximum-security prison guard has oddly helped him cultivate some amazing material his audiences always seem very satisfied with.  On a funny note, he can’t choose which is more dangerous, having kids and a wife or working in Iraq!  His own life becomes center stage with these two ideas in mind, and it certainly turns into one entertaining evening for the crowd!

Many fans say Rob is just naturally funny, not even having to work hard to get the laughter brewing! It is clear; his personal writing has had an impact.  Rob has been writing comedy for an Australian breakfast show for quite some time, but that has now joined with his hosting a very popular morning show at River 94.9 in Brisbane.  He has also had performances at The Edinburgh for the show: What A Load of Kabul!

This one took home rave reviews from fans and even critics alike!  All The will tell you Rob will lighten your heart and give you something to feel good about, something to laugh about, and something to just make you more than satisfied with your evening!  He is definitely a must see entertainer and offers all the unexpected twists and turns fans love in stand up comedy!