Rob McHugh

Rob is a clear perfectionist and polishes all of his acts until they are as shiny as diamonds! He is very well known for his organization and his prolific entertaining at corporate functions and fundraisers.  Rob has performed for the National Union Of Workers Foundation and comes with an amazing wealth of information and experience writing and performing in political venues and corporate marketplaces.  He also has his roots in down home comedy and works well in everyday clubs!  While sharp and witty in the corporate world, he can relate and rub shoulders with the average Joe too!  Everywhere he goes elicits laughter and high-rolling fun!

While Rob has been entertaining pub crowds and corporate crowds, he has also developed and hosts his own television series on SBS, which first appeared in 2010 titled, “Comedy Shoot.”  He has also been the resident M.C. for the Sydney Comedy Store for several years, alongside his television appearances.  His writing is also prolific and he has numerous credits for his writing including: Doug Mulray, Breakfast Radio Show, Candid Camera—and several others.  It is very likely you’ve seen him on Stand Up Australia too!

Rob loves educating others about comedy and helping them find their own niche area in this selective comedy venue!  He currently teaches at 3 various community colleges and also coaches courses on the corporate circuit.  Some of these have included: The State Labor Party, UNSW, and NUW.  This is a flexible, versatile and multi-talented comedian who can definitely light up the show for your personal, private or corporate event!