Rodney Marks

Rodney Marks is a hugely talented comedian and perhaps the world’s funniest corporate impostor. With looks resembling those of Mr Ronald McDonald, this hilarious speaker can easily walk into the conference room and have  everyone  believe  he  were  a  senior  executive  who  is  going  to  address  them  about  the  company’s achievements.  They  would  only realize  he’s  pulling off  a hoax  when  he  has  them in  fits  and  stitches  with  his sidesplitting speech. Don’t underestimate Rodney. He’s a Harvard graduate and an MBA, so he knows just the right points to crack up a corporate audience.

Rodney mostly performs live at corporate events. He adopts numerous rib-tickling pseudonyms, such as Harry Diculus,  Rich  Vain,  Dick  Tait,  Ennes  Say,  and  dozens  of  other  funny  names,  for  his  speeches  as  a  corporate impostor. He’s an accomplished Australian comic and quite possibly the only one of his stature as far as coaxing is concerned. If you’re planning a corporate event and want the best corporate hoaxer the Australian comedy circuit boasts, Rodney Marks is every bit that artist. Get in touch now to book him for your show.


Being a highly educated person with solid credentials as a public speaker, Rodney Marks brings to the stage a kind of dry, slow-burning brand of comedy to the stage. He lights the fuse to the dynamite and watches the fire travel to an explosive punch line. He builds up the character that he’s playing and creates humor by depicting serious office situation in a hilarious light. He’s serious, well mannered and knowledgeable, every bit the corporate boss whom he wants to portray.

Rodney is the king of character comedy when it comes to playing corporate boss stereotypes. The audience can relate to the personality that he depicts and can’t help but crack up in the face of his relentless comic onslaught. He’s the perfect speaker for an upscale, aristocratic audience because of his immaculate demeanor. Some of his jokes are simple enough to have any pedestrian in stitches, while other have a deep pun, and go off after a few moments of their delivery. A big part of his humor from the absurdity of language, and from how the meanings can get lost in the words.


Every performance by Rodney Marks is noteworthy in the sense that the audiences remember him for years to come.  He  has  performed  on  radio  and  participated  in  the  Sydney  Fringe.  Sometimes  he  also  participates in corporate hoaxes broadcast on media. He has a Bachelors degree in Drama, and MBA degree and an MPA from the JFK School of Government, Harvard University. A permanent fixture in Australian corporate comedy since 1991, he has been listed in Australia’s Who’s Who for fifteen consecutive years.

The most famous of his characters include ‘Dr Ennes Say’ that he played three times in as many days before the National Speakers Association in San Diego. He has performed extensively across Australia and has made over thirty international tours to the UK, the USA, Malaysia, Muaritius, New Zealand, and other parts of the world.