Rodney Todd

Here’s some big hair with a comic attached to them. Rodney Todd is every bit the clown that he appears to be. Fearless and unabashed, this rising comedian will go the whole nine yards to have his audience rolling with laughter. He has evolved as a standup artist from a musician. He was a vocalist in numerous comic bands with names as funny as The Mess Makers and The Unf***ables. He has been around for about 10 years and has become popular because of his hilarious acts in the Melbourne International and Sydney Comedy Festivals, in which he debuted just a couple of years ago.

Rodney is a promising comedian and a natural standup artist. He had been performing live shows in comedy clubs for years before he was scooped up for the Sydney Fringe in 2013. His first performance was an instant hit, and he has been in demand for comedy clubs, private parties and festivals ever since. He has been a vegan for eight years and is one of the rare comedians who have vegetarianism as a part of their act. Other than that, he has almost every known laughter tool in his kitty and will crack up any audience without fail. He’s a nifty comic to have at your show and will deliver a solid bang for you buck.


In the essence, Rodney Todd is an observational comedian who extracts his humor from everyday life situations. He is an absorbing narrator and transfixes his audience with his storytelling, leading them to some serious gags. No ground is too sacred, no subject is taboo to his lunatic mind that prods into forbidden lands with masterful precision to emerge with hilarious jokes. Once he gets going, he’s unstoppable and the audience can’t help but beg him to stop on account of the cramps in their bellies and the tears in their eyes.

Rodney Todd can be a disaster if you have him perform before senior executives, PhDs, or other aristocratic audiences, not because he won’t be funny, but because he would be a bit too hilarious. But, he is the heartthrob of the masses and every bit the street comedian that you need to watch out for. His shows at the different standup clubs and comedy festivals are notoriously crowded and bursting with laughter.


Rodney Todd emerged as a reckonable comic with his appearance in the 2013 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, where he was a part of the cast of the sold out show Arguing With Seagulls. He followed it up with another sidesplitting performance in Empathy For Pelicans, a show staged during the 2014 Sydney Comedy Festival.

He is also famous for his act “Wolf Tokyo Club,” which he performed during the Sydney Fringe Comedy 2014, Melbourne Comedy Festival 2015, and Sydney Comedy Festival 2015. Another one of his shows “Wasabi Argument Time” was a runaway success in the 2015 Sydney Comedy Festival. Contact us now to book this amazing comic for your comedy event.