Russell Trenerry

Russell Trenerry is one of Australia’s busiest comics, although he is not nationally famous yet. He’s a class act when it comes to street stages, festivals, comedy clubs, and parties. Corporate events are also not beyond his sway, and he is regularly seen emceeing and performing in corporate conferences, product launches and comedy events. His bald head and mean smirk reveal a lot about his comic talents. Experienced in managing all types of crowds, he always brings good value for your money.

Russell is usually so busy he practically lives out of his Volkswagen. He seems to get his kicks out of making his audience laugh and enjoy, the reason why he prefers to keep a busy schedule. Russell has been known to the Aussie comedic circles since ever. He’s a street artist who has made his place because of his razor-edged wit and deep observation, which help him come up with just the kind of jokes that his audience love. Sharp, energetic, and hugely entertaining, Russell Trenerry never fails to deliver sidesplitting entertainment.


Russell is primarily an improviser who exposes the hilarious aspects of modern life with immaculate precision. A talented actor and host, he captivates the audience with his lively chatter and delivers a relentless flurry of punch lines to have the listeners in stitches. He’s a mature MC and offers the best combination of performance and price for all sorts of comedy, sports or corporate events. Being experienced and groomed, Russell can be trusted to entertain even the most upscale audience without causing the slightest offense.

Russell Trenerry is bold yet likeable when venturing into taboo subjects like homophobia, or while taking on politicians in his spate of political humor. He has the personality of a seasoned stage artist, thanks to the innumerable performances that he has delivered at comedy clubs and festivals. He is confident, clear-headed and intelligent, a true professional who molds himself according to the taste of the audience that he’s performing to. He may be somewhat obscure compared to some of the nationally and internationally famed comedians on our site, but that doesn’t make him any less funny.


Those who are familiar with the Australian underground comedy scene know Russell’s talents very well. He is the comic who can deliver a top-notch performance within a limited budget. Every show that he hosts, every standup gig that he performs is etched into the memories of the audiences for months and years to come. He’s so busy with his live shows he hardly has time for TV and radio.

Russell Trenerry is the authentic Australian street comic who has evolved into a noteworthy MC and host. His shows are usually packed to capacity and the laughter can be heard from miles. He may not be the right comic for your event if you’re looking for celebrity value. But if it’s just plain and simple laughs, gags and entertainment that you want, give Russell a try. Contact us to get in touch with him now!