Sally Kimpton

Sally Kimpton is a loveable vampire who’ll captivate you with her cute acting and crack you up with her cheeky one-liners. Bold, beautiful and talented, she’s hardly the stereotype ‘dumb blonde’ despite her golden locks, but an intelligent actor, MC and comedian who has carved out a special place for herself in the competitive Oz comedy circuit. Sally enjoys standup and it shows. She’s the heartthrob of the masses during comedy festivals and can light up the stage by her presence. Sally Kimpton lives in Sydney and is available for all types of live gigs, including headlining, emceeing, standup, and acting.

Don’t let her young looks deceive you. Sally has been around as a live performer for over 10 years, She has performed at a staggering number of shows nationally and internationally and has also appeared on some top rated TV programs. She is one of those few artists who are more comfortable on the stage than in their living rooms. Sally is a lot of fun to have at your show and is perfect for all sorts of events—comedy, corporate, sports, standup, festivals, wedding, and parties. Get in touch with us now to check her schedule and hire her for your show.


Sally Kimpton may never have played cricket or fallen of a skateboard, but she can talk about these topics forever and never get boring for an instant. She is a queen of observation and brings hilarious everyday scenarios to life when she’s doing her standup act. She’s in control of her lines and her audience all the time and never sounds crass or disrespectful, qualities that make her shine as an MC and host. She has a subtle humility about her style that makes her audience adore her when she gets up on stage.

Pop culture, dating, modern life, and social media are some of her favorite topics. But she’s versatile and can add unexpected humor to any topic, depending upon what she thinks her audience will love the most. She’s also an accomplished actor and has numerous memorable TV and stage appearances to her credit. One of the best female comics and MCs to hire for your show, Sally is a professional artist who will never disappoint you or your audience.


Sally Kimpton has been has been a national and international street performer for 7 years, during which she has performed sold out solo acts such as ‘Extreme Blonde’ at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and ‘Sally Kimpton My Star’ at the Sydney Comedy Festival. She has participated in theater and corporate shows in the UK, Japan, New Zealand, Holland, and Taiwan, apart from her home country.

Sally is a recognized artist because of her numerous TV appearances in hit TV programs. She was the presenter of ‘All Saints’ on Ch 7 and has appeared in a flurry of popular shows including Love is in the Air, Wombat, Today Tonight, Surprise Surprise, New Inventors, Standup Australia, Last Comic Standing, and many others.