Seamus McAlery

You probably already know Seamus McAlary if you watch TV and have even a fleeting interest in standup comedy. He is a nationally acclaimed comic and writer whose scripts have produced spectacular TV shows such as the Channel 10’s Good News Week and ABC 3’s You’re Sitting Me. A stage comedian by his very genesis, McAlary kick-started his glowing career when he made the Grand Final of the 2006 Quest for the Best competition. That made it easy for him to pitch his outrageously funny scripts to TV producers, and opened the doors to stardom. He remains true to his Standup roots, though, and spares time to enthrall live audiences as often as he can. He’s a great pick for any type of stage, event or show, provided he’s available.

McAlary brings the full package to the show, complete with an insane script that can turn the most serious of audiences into a laughing stock. Friendly, cool and sometimes even a bit chaotic, he’s one of the most creative comics the Australian comedy circuit has ever turned up. He recently performed during this year’s Sydney Comedy Fest, where he was joined by several famous comedians including Gary Eck, Eric Hutton, and Ben Darsow. Get in touch with us now to get tabs on Seamus and hundreds of other comedians.


McAlary’s comedy is fresh, relaxed, and deeply entertaining. He speaks nonchalantly and takes the audience along, only to lead them to a ravenous impulse to burst out laughing. He’s extremely relatable, just like an old friend or the cute boy-next-door. Unlike many other comedians, Seasum won’t let you feel as if the narrative is being forced at you, even for an instant. His smooth delivery, pepper-spray script, and laid-back charisma form an unbeatable combination that’s as entertaining as it’s relaxing.

Seasum is a master of conversational comedy, a cunning observer who creates humor by depicting modern life scenarios in a hilarious light. He always has this charming smile playing on his face and delivers his lines like he has all the time in the world. As some critic rightly pointed out, “he makes comedy seem effortless”. Behind the scenes, though, Seasum works his butt off perfecting his scripts and keeping his booking schedule. He’s the one to hire for your club, comedy event, wedding party, or even for a corporate gig. Apart from standup, you can also use Seasum to write comedy for your show or stage.


Seasum McAlary’s performances during the Sydney Comedy Festival are sold out events. He has rarely stepped outside the NSW territory, but whenever he did, he delivered memorable performances, as he in the 2009Melbourne Fringe Festival. His scripts have made millions of people laugh through popular TV shows like Good News Week.

McAlary has been critically acclaimed for being a ‘crowd whisperer’ who has an uncommonly intimate way with his audience. Although he may not be as famous as some of the celebrity comedians on our site, he’s getting there very fast.