Sean Woodland

Sean Woodland is one of the funniest and most sought-after comedians in town, who offers great value for your money. Sean was just another Aussie who used to play football, drink beer, and pursue fruitless careers, until he decided to turn on a new leaf and become a standup comedian. Turns out, his passion for comedy was much more than that of being a public servant. He kicked off into the comedy circuit by winning the Quest for the Best competition and the Crows Nest’s comedy competition in the same year. His horizons are not just limited to the stage. Sean is a flourishing free-lancer and author with quite a few sardonic pieces published in numerous Australian magazines and newspapers.

Sean has been a part of the Australian comedy scene for more than 10 years. During his career as a stand-up comedian, Sean has not only earned worldwide acclaim but also won the hearts of the audience wherever he has performed. His cleverly constructed jokes and unabashedly satirical punch lines will resonate in your memory for a long time. His acid tongue and razor-edged wit have few parallels. Armed with a formidably extensive and diverse life experience, Sean knows more ways to make you laugh than many other comics. Contact us now to book him for your show.


Sean’s area of expertise is hosting corporate and private events without going too low-key. He is widely known in the comedy circuit for his relentlessly rapid delivery of classic jokes that will knock you right off your seat. Initially, he made extensive use of self-deprecating comedy concentrating on his weaknesses and failures. He since has enriched his comedy to by adding sidesplitting material about survival methods for the youth in their vulnerable years, when they are susceptible to embarrassments and pitfalls.

Sean derives humor from his experience as an un-ordinary common man. He takes potshots at the mundane nature of some jobs that he had to take up before becoming a comic. His events are overwhelmingly successful regardless of whether he’s performing comedy or acting as an MC. Sean is an outrageous comedian who keeps bombarding his audience with crafty jokes with devastating effects. They can’t help but beg him to stop. His casual, laid-back style allows him to involve the audience, and his unusually funny jokes have receive standing ovations wherever he has performed. Sean can perform at all kinds of events, but he’s recommended for an adult audience because of his propensity to press the limits.


Sean won the ‘Quest for the Best’ at Australia’s most renowned open mic comedy competition. The same year saw him winning the Crow’s Nest Hotel’s traditional comedy championship. He was a finalist at RAW Comedy and a runner-up at the Green Faces comedy competition. There has been no looking back for Sean and he has gone from one success to another while performing at every kind of comedy or entertainment event under the sun. book him for your event and you’ll never regret your choice.