Simon Palomares

Simon connects with the Spanish fans and Australian fans—all due to his ancestral roots and his real time connection in Spain. What made Simon gain more notice and fame than anything else was his prolific and most profound role as “Ricky” in Acropolis Now.  Following this breakthrough in his career he began receiving invites and referrals from nightclubs and corporate clients too.  For instance, just a short time after his return from Montreal Canada he received an invite from Paramount Comedy to perform in the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival.

Simon has also worked creatively, fine tuning productions and helping to create comedy stage shows, one of the more known titled: Wogs Out Of Work, and this is the very one that managed to be upgraded to the Acropolis adventure, mentioned previously.  Simon has an International appeal as well, and his name circulates among comedy circles, in the following countries: United States, Spain, Canada, Argentina—and others.  He is known to do stand-up comedian Spanish as well.

Simon’s most recent adventures include his touring Australia and also engaging in a stand up comedy cooking program that the fans just love!  If you haven’t seen him in Palomares Cooks Calamares it is a must for rigorous laughter and fun! He is also involved with Paramount Comedy regularly, while working on an upcoming documentary titled: KO HO NAS (Cojones).  This premiered on the special broadcasting network SBS in Australia.  Currently, Simon is cooking up some original and new ideas sure to amaze and delight his fans and critics.