Simon Rogers

If you want someone with grand experience and who has had a prominent place in the comedy world, Simon Rogers certainly has.  He has a distinctive voice, one that stands him apart from other stand up comedians.  He is also a very well recognized comedian broadcaster, a Master of Ceremonies and even a theater legend!  You’ll hear him every Saturday morning presenting the Saturday Breakfast show.  He’s also presented other radio broadcasts and television premiers such as: ABC’s Kinglake, Rangers Radio, and others.

Simon has been acknowledged by critics as one of the best comedians to date and was awarded the very prestigious Walkley Award for much of his work in comedy, radio and television networking.  Simon has also hosted the favored shows: Comedy Bites and The Conversation Hour with ABC—these two being some premier comedy shows.  This guy is passionate about his career and loves to make people feel great about life in general!

Some would say Simon gets drunk on the buzz and roar of the crowd with stand up performances, which is why he regularly engages live audiences with his comedy acts.  He is another who has an International presence, having travelled across South East Asia, New York and all across Australia hitting nightclubs, pubs and corporate venues alike.  He has had a string of entertaining shows which fans have just adored everywhere.  This is a veteran in the field of comedy, just to be exact!  From the live stage, to the radio hosting, to the premier awards and all forms of media engaging in general—he is absolutely brilliant in everything he does.