Steady Eddy

Expect yourself to be taken on a ride of uncontrollable laughter, madness and mayhem. Cristopher Widdows, better known by his stage name “Steady Eddy” is an Australian comedian who has been an invaluable asset to the comedy circuit for over 20 years.  Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, the comedian is often found joking around about his condition rather than taking it too critically. Eddy has also tried his luck as an actor. He can be seen alongside worthy actors in movies and TV series like “Under the Radar” and “State Coroner” amongst many others.

Owing to his acute sense of humor, this stand-up comedian is widely loved and appreciated by fans all over the world. Steady Eddy will leave no stones unturned to make you fall off your chair after fits of hysterical laughter. He will make you view the dilemmas and anxieties of life through a comic angle which will change the way you think forever. Contact us to get more details about Steady Eddy and his availability.


Initially, Eddy confined himself to humor based solely on his disability. Now he has widened his horizon to realistic, daily life issues like marriage, divorce and politics. He is very well recognized for his original style and creates an incessant flow of new ideas. He’s got so much variety that no two Steady Eddy Comedy shows are ever nearly the same. “You have to move on so it doesn’t get boring” Eddy says. He delivers searing punch lines with ridiculous facial expressions to entertain audiences of all types. His trademark expression is the witty grin that covers his face every now and then.

Eddy states that he has been through a lot over the last few years, having married and divorced twice. This gives him a firsthand experience of what it’s like to drag on a fruitless marriage, which forms the basis of his stand-up comedy. He believes that it is essential to make the most out of each show and have each individual present have the heartiest laugh of his life. Gladstone Observer states Eddy is “as intelligent as they come”, whereas The Independent UK calls him “a hit”. Steady Eddy has been continuously packing theatres out from coast to coast over the years and his work is widely appreciated.


Steady Eddy’s career began in 1992, and things have only been going upwards since then. He won an ARIA Award in 1994 for best comedy album titled ‘Ready, Steady, Go’. The same year brought him a ‘Young Australian Achievers’ Award’ in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Eddy has also won the prestigious MO Award twice for ‘New Wave Comedy Performer’. He has also given appearances in countless television programs. Eddy is continuing  to  receive  several  nominations  and  has  performed  in  numerous  award  shows  throughout  his experience as a stand-up comedian.

Eddy is informally known as “the bent comedian” in Aussie comic circle, but he’s also a musician and an actor. In 1998, Eddy released his first music album called “Born to be Bent”, revealing himself to be a well-rounded performing artist.

Comedian Steady Eddy will take you on a journey when things where a little bit more simple, like when a phone was just a phone. He will have you laughing, probably crying laughing in his original razor sharp style.

Recognised both for his original style and continuous flow of new material, no two Steady Eddy Comedy shows are ever the same, and for that matter, neither will you be after watching him.

Steady has the best comedy timing we have seen, ending a searing punch line with his trademark grin. Few comedians in the world are as well-loved as Steady Eddy, continuously packing theatres out from coast to coast for over 20 years.


• Countless television appearances (100+)

• Aria Award – Best Comedy Album

• The Comedy Performer of the Year

• Edinburgh Fringe Festival

• Austrian Comedy Festival – Vienna

• Montreal Just for Laughs – Invite only

“Steady Eddy’s participation was perfect. He was naughty but just right and the attendees who came from all walks of life appeared to thoroughly enjoy his performances. Thank you and thanks to Eddy!” Cheers



“He was a total success and have heard nothing but great feedback from staff and customers. Even people who have never heard of him before (mainly young staff). It was a great weekend had by all. We couldn’t have been happier.”