Stef Torok

Since 1985, Stef has had his hands in festival performances, circus style entertaining, and has helped create International circus shows such as the: Momentum Circus Shows that appeared in Singapore and throughout Australia. When it comes to comedy; Stef has been performing live, onstage comedy since 1990, and has simply grown higher in demand since time has gone on.  He’s spent time in the pub circuit and has had many special events within the corporate environment.

Stef has also had the opportunity to share the stage with some of the most amazing talents too.  From being the opening act for stand up comedians such as: Steady Eddy Lenny, Henry The Umbilical Brothers, Wendy Harmer, Richard Stubbs—and many more, this is your all around comedy class act that definitely is amazing! Many agree that his past background in theater work, Universities, concert halls and casinos have also helped mold him into the performer he is now.  He has performed in almost every comedy venue spread out across Australia!

Stef performs about 225 shows per year, without any stress or hardship, and in fact this seems to keep him going!  From performances in the UK to Singapore to Hong Kong, New Zealand, Italy and more—he is a rock star of comedy!  Many consider him: “The hardest working man in show business no one’s ever heard of!”  Most have heard of Stef!  He is also passionate about musical comedy, so if you haven’t seen him in the traditional setting, you surely have seen or heard of him in musical venues!

Stef is versatile and definitely fearless, performing more risqué acts.  Maybe you’ve even seen him breath fire, where he did so at the NBL Grand Final in Melbourne.  Or, quite possibly you were in attendance at the 1997 Big Day Out when he did a broken glass act?  Stef is a risk taker, and exciting is not the word to describe him!  If you enjoy close up magic tricks, you’ll simply fall in love with this performer!