Steven Whiteley

Steven isn’t just another run-of-the-mill stand up comedian performing live shows across Australia— he’s definitely better than that!  He is experienced, so there is no issue with stage fright with this guy.  He’s been performing in front of live audiences for quite some time, thriving on this interaction. He has had major encouragement in his career, just to keep him motivated and focused, because let’s face it—comedy can be tough!

Australian comics like Adam Hills and others have been Steven’s go to guys, enabling him to look for the brighter side in everything and that true sincerity actually shows in his character.  He has now been performing in almost every major circuit, festival and private or corporate event one can imagine.  In fact, this guy has achieved major success in multiple venues across Australia, not to mention his growing fan base.

Steven has achieved high success within the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with shows such as: Natural Born Komedian and Natural Born Komedian 2, which attracted major attention and led to Steven achieving the MC position for The Best Of The Edinburgh Festival.

On top of these endeavors and accomplishments, Steven has supported National and International Acts too. Some of these acts are well known, and include those like: Chris Franklin, Greg Fleet, Steady Eddy and several others in most recent years.