Stu Fisher

Since 1998, Stu Fisher has been excelling in the comic world, having made the finals with Triple J Raw Comedy Competition.  Stu has also been one of the very few Brisbane based comedians to actually have a show make it to The Melbourne International Comedy Festival for 3 years straight.  This actually lead to his 2001 show titled: Censored which also did very well.  From presenting as the front man for many different bands to being featured entertainment himself, Stu is absolutely adored by many.

A class all his own is putting it mildly—as Stu puts on the charm and has the swagger to hypnotize his audiences, both with his live stints and his more sensible and down-to-earth documentary style pieces, he is growing in popularity rapidly.  He’s had his place in many genres, from jazz stages, to night pubs for laughs to corporate events where he really goes all out to spice things up.  Whether he is working as an entertainer or an EMCEE—he is classy in all that he does.

Stu has worked with some of the best entertainers in comedy as well, which has taught him an awful lot.  Some of those he has worked are names like: Adam Hills, James Morrison, Matt King, Steady Eddie and several others.  Stu also developed his series BIG which premiered back in 2011 and went over well.  Clearly, from meeting his own personal goals (like his amazing 50 kg weight loss in a year) to promoting corporate brands and individuals in particular—Stu is someone those who follow comedy can’t go without.