Suns Of Fred

Get ready for beer-spilling gags when you see Suns of Fred on stage. The super funny musical comedy trio is the product of the Aussie street comedy theater. Sly, Fox and Mickey J have been entertaining comedy fans since 1997. Wearing black uniforms and mischievous smiles, these young and handsome men know where to tickle their audience and produce thunderous gags. They will go to all lengths to make you laugh, even if it involves displaying eclectic dance moves and singing ludicrous parodies.

Hailing from Perth, the trio has proven its comic skills in all major national comedy festivals, and has successfully held its own with celebrity comedians. Their act is a cocktail of energetic dancing, melody and comedy that satiates all  senses.  If  you like  to  drink, dance  and laugh  all  you can,  Suns  of  Fred  pretty  much  fit  the bill. Live  stage performers down to the core, they know how to take the crowd along and make people a part of their act. They travel across the country to perform at festivals, clubs and comedy competitions, and will love to participate in your event if you invite them. Contact us to learn about their upcoming performances and availability for your event.


Suns of Fred are going to rock you, no matter what. You might not like some of their below-the-belt humor, but you won’t be able to resist the riot of music and dancing that they unleash. Bubbling with energy, they electrify the stage and subvert their audience into singing and dancing with them. One of them plays the guitar while the other two launch on a crazy routine of energetic dancing. As for the comedy part, pretty much everything goes. These are street artists to the bone, and they know how to have people in stitches.

The three ‘Suns of Fred’ are friends since their school years, something that gives them their amazing chemistry together. They create laughter by telling jokes about famous media personalities, such as Paris Hilton. They would mimic a Lady Gaga song and make it something absolutely hilarious. Their jokes and funny songs are targeted at the pedestrian, and they never miss their mark. You can expect to see some deep blue elements as cringe-worthy as touching someone’s behind. Suns of Fred are risqué artists and their shows are often rated 15+. They are perfect for street shows and bar stages as well as festivals and parties.


The trio is a permanent fixture at comedy festivals such as Perth Comedy Festival, Fringe World Festival, Adelaide Fringe, and Sydney Comedy Festival. They won the “Next Gen Award” at the 2012 Perth International Comedy Festival. They also won the final of the Green Faces National Comedy Competition and reached the grand finals of the Raw State competition in 2012.

The trio went international when they performed at the Edinburgh Fringe last August. The Music calls them “a laughter injection”. And Tim Ferguson thinks they are “the next gigantic thing”.

The Suns of Fred – Sly and Fox have known each other since year two and Mickey J came along in the Summer of ’97…

Suns of Fred are a musical comedy trio hailing from Perth, Western Australia. With a strong background  in  street  theatre  and  performance,  these  boys  know  how  to  tickle  your  funny bones with their smooth harmonies and eclectic dance moves.

Three  tough,  rugged,  handsome  young  Aussie  men  in  uniform  –  what  more  could  you  ask for?…singing and dancing…ok!

It’s music. It’s comedy. It’s “dance in your face” excited!!!

****  FOUR STARS “ Fast paced and energetic…Sly, Fox and Micky J have a lot of spunk, and they  aren’t  shy  of  crossing  the  line  of  cheekinees….You’ll  be  impressed  by  their  smooth harmonies (these boys can really sing!) which are matched by kick-ass dance moves to rival those of any boy band” – March 2014, The Advertiser

“The next GIGANTIC thing…” Tim Ferguson

“They more than held their own with the big boys…”David Zampatti, The West Australian

“A laughter injection…these lads can sing”- The Music

Awarded the “Next Gen Award” at the 2012 Perth International Comedy Festival. Winner of Green faces W.A – 2012 and National green faces Finalists in 2012. W.A – Raw State Finalists 2012.


“I couldn’t recommend Suns of Fred more. I think they fit our event perfectly they entertained, mingled and were an absolute delight to have on the day. Our event was a huge success with 350 people seated around giant long tables    on    the    sand    of    the    Rockingham    Foreshore. If you could please thank them again on behalf of myself and the team. We appreciated everything they did in ensuring the MC, Auctions, Raffles and Fashion  parade  were  covered  with  humour  and  entertainment. They were a great asset to our event. If you could please thank them again on behalf of myself and the team. We appreciated everything they did in ensuring  the  MC,  Auctions,  Raffles  and  Fashion  parade  were  covered  with  humour  and  entertainment. They were a great asset to our event.” Kelly

The Long Table Lunch on the Beach 2015

“Suns of Fred performed at a VIP event that we put on back in August and they turned out to be the life of the party. They are a hilarious (and risqué!) trio and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good laugh. They really turned the energy up in the room and the guests could not stop talking about them afterwards. So funny that I went to see them again two weeks later! Highly recommend”

“Suns of Fred, we are still lost for words about how fantastic you were over the last two nights of the Stand up to MS Comedy Gala. The energy you brought to the stage was captivating, engaging, and hilarious.”

Stand up to MS Comedy Gala Organiser Jenny Stafford

Perth International Comedy Festival Review

The three local lads who made their fame from the side boob gag hit the Velvet Lounge like a bra strap pulled back and released. Suns of Fred are three good mates who, in the vein of the “Doug Anthony All-stars” in the 80s, are a high energy singing and dancing trio.

Coated with melodious harmonies-these lads can sing! It is also extremely dangerous to be in the front row. You could say it is interactive but that would involve voluntary participation. Instead Sly, Fox and Mickey J, who make up Suns of Fred, are in the audiences’ faces from woe to go.

Clearly, this form of comedy has a grateful and appreciative audience obvious from the laughter and  applause  in  the  venue.  Give  yourself  a  laughter  injection  and  see  one  of  the  three remaining shows. Darren Moldrich

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